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Heinemann, Günther; Makshtas, Alexander P (2021): Radiosonde measurements during R/V Akademik Treshnikov cruise Transarktika 2019, April 2019. PANGAEA, (DOI registration in progress), In: Heinemann, G; Makshtas, AP (2021): Meteorological data of the Transarktika 2019 expedition, April 2019. PANGAEA, (DOI registration in progress)

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The ship-based experiment Transarktika 2019 was performed during April 2019 in the area between Svalbard and Franz Josef Land. The R/V "Akademik Treshnikov" drifted during this month with the sea ice. Radiosoundings were carried out twice-daily.
Arctic; Sea ice
Median Latitude: 81.153458 * Median Longitude: 39.400367 * South-bound Latitude: 80.373000 * West-bound Longitude: 38.046700 * North-bound Latitude: 81.692300 * East-bound Longitude: 42.058300
Date/Time Start: 2019-04-01T23:48:00 * Date/Time End: 2019-04-28T23:38:00
Minimum ALTITUDE: m * Maximum ALTITUDE: 22000 m
Transarktika-2019_RS_2019-04-01_2348 * Latitude: 81.692300 * Longitude: 42.058300 * Date/Time: 2019-04-01T23:48:00 * Location: Arctic Ocean * Campaign: Transarktika-2019 (AT-2019) * Basis: Akademik Tryoshnikov * Method/Device: Radiosonde (RADIO)
Transarktika-2019_RS_2019-04-02_1131 * Latitude: 81.680000 * Longitude: 41.640000 * Date/Time: 2019-04-02T11:31:00 * Location: Arctic Ocean * Campaign: Transarktika-2019 (AT-2019) * Basis: Akademik Tryoshnikov * Method/Device: Radiosonde (RADIO)
Transarktika-2019_RS_2019-04-02_2329 * Latitude: 81.665500 * Longitude: 41.286700 * Date/Time: 2019-04-02T23:29:00 * Location: Arctic Ocean * Campaign: Transarktika-2019 (AT-2019) * Basis: Akademik Tryoshnikov * Method/Device: Radiosonde (RADIO)
Quantity: PTU, wind
Height: 0.1-25km
Sensor: Polus-M
Instrument type: Radii
Sampling: 1sec
Data resolution: Variable (standard and significant levels)
#NameShort NameUnitPrincipal InvestigatorMethod/DeviceComment
1Event labelEventHeinemann, Günther
2Date/Time of eventDate/TimeHeinemann, Günther
3ALTITUDEAltitudemHeinemann, GüntherRadiosonde, Radii, Polus-MGeocode – geopotential height
4Pressure, at given altitudePPPPhPaHeinemann, GüntherRadiosonde, Radii, Polus-M
5Temperature, airTTT°CHeinemann, GüntherRadiosonde, Radii, Polus-M
6Temperature, air, potentialTHETA°CHeinemann, GüntherRadiosonde, Radii, Polus-M
7Humidity, specificHumidity specg/kgHeinemann, GüntherRadiosonde, Radii, Polus-M
8Humidity, relativeRH%Heinemann, GüntherRadiosonde, Radii, Polus-M
9Dew/frost pointTdTdTd°CHeinemann, GüntherRadiosonde, Radii, Polus-M
10Dew point, deficitDTD°CHeinemann, GüntherRadiosonde, Radii, Polus-M
11Wind speedffm/sHeinemann, GüntherRadiosonde, Radii, Polus-M
12Wind directiondddegHeinemann, GüntherRadiosonde, Radii, Polus-Mrange -180 to 180
13Wind directiondddegHeinemann, GüntherRadiosonde, Radii, Polus-Mrange 0 to 360
14Wind velocity, west-eastUm/sHeinemann, GüntherRadiosonde, Radii, Polus-M
15Wind velocity, south-northVm/sHeinemann, GüntherRadiosonde, Radii, Polus-M
63180 data points

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