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Pierce, Ian K D; Wesnousky, Steven G; Owen, L A; Bormann, Jayne M; Li, Xinnan; Caffee, Marc W (2021): Chemical composition of boulder samplings from the Antelope Valley (Table S2). PANGAEA, (dataset in review), In: Pierce, IKD et al. (2021): Cosmogenic Ages from Alluvial Fans offset by Central Walker Lane Faults. PANGAEA, (dataset in review)

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Pierce, Ian K D; Wesnousky, Steven G; Owen, Lewis A; Bormann, Jayne M; Li, Xinnan; Caffee, Marc W (2021): Accommodation of Plate Motion in an Incipient Strike‐Slip System: The Central Walker Lane. Tectonics, 40(2),
Median Latitude: 38.541082 * Median Longitude: -119.503512 * South-bound Latitude: 38.540000 * West-bound Longitude: -119.504890 * North-bound Latitude: 38.542080 * East-bound Longitude: -119.502250
Minimum Elevation: 1648.5 m * Maximum Elevation: 1658.6 m
Antelope_Valley_CWL5 (CWL5) * Latitude: 38.540390 * Longitude: -119.502250 * Elevation: 1654.3 m * Location: Antelope Valley
Antelope_Valley_CWL6 (CWL6) * Latitude: 38.540000 * Longitude: -119.502400 * Elevation: 1650.0 m * Location: Antelope Valley
Antelope_Valley_CWL7 (CWL7) * Latitude: 38.540690 * Longitude: -119.502420 * Elevation: 1648.5 m * Location: Antelope Valley
#NameShort NameUnitPrincipal InvestigatorMethod/DeviceComment
1Event labelEventPierce, Ian K D
2Latitude of eventLatitudePierce, Ian K D
3Longitude of eventLongitudePierce, Ian K D
4Elevation of eventElevationmPierce, Ian K D
5Sample code/labelSample labelPierce, Ian K D
6Silicon dioxideSiO2%Pierce, Ian K Dbulk rock weight %
7Titanium dioxideTiO2%Pierce, Ian K Dbulk rock weight %
8Aluminium oxideAl2O3%Pierce, Ian K Dbulk rock weight %
9Iron oxide, Fe2O3Fe2O3%Pierce, Ian K Dbulk rock weight %
10Manganese oxideMnO%Pierce, Ian K Dbulk rock weight %
11Magnesium oxideMgO%Pierce, Ian K Dbulk rock weight %
12Calcium oxideCaO%Pierce, Ian K Dbulk rock weight %
13Sodium oxideNa2O%Pierce, Ian K Dbulk rock weight %
14Potassium oxideK2O%Pierce, Ian K Dbulk rock weight %
15Phosphorus oxideP2O5%Pierce, Ian K Dbulk rock weight %
16Water content, volumetricVWC%Pierce, Ian K DAnalytical Water, bulk rock weight %
17Carbon dioxideCO2%Pierce, Ian K Dbulk rock weight %
18ChlorideClmg/kgPierce, Ian K Dbulk rock
19BoronBmg/kgPierce, Ian K Dbulk rock
20SamariumSmmg/kgPierce, Ian K Dbulk rock
21GadoliniumGdmg/kgPierce, Ian K Dbulk rock
22UraniumUmg/kgPierce, Ian K Dbulk rock
23ThoriumThmg/kgPierce, Ian K Dbulk rock
24ChromiumCrmg/kgPierce, Ian K Dbulk rock
25LithiumLimg/kgPierce, Ian K Dbulk rock
26Potassium oxideK2O%Pierce, Ian K Dtarget weight
27Calcium oxideCaO%Pierce, Ian K Dtarget weight
28Titanium dioxideTiO2%Pierce, Ian K Dtarget weight
29Iron oxide, Fe2O3Fe2O3%Pierce, Ian K Dtarget weight
30ChlorideClmg/kgPierce, Ian K Dtarget
156 data points

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