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Šircelj, Beno; Kenda, Klemen; Koprivec, Filip (2020): Land Patch Samples. PANGAEA, (dataset in review)

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Location: Slovenia
Year: 2017
The EO data were collected for the whole year on a interval of about 5 days. For each point (pixel) which has dimensions 10x10 meters 10 metrices were calculated: 4 raw band measurements (red, green, blue - RGB and near infrared - NIR) and 6 relevant vegetation-related derived indices (normalized differential vegetation index - NDVI, normalized differential water index - NDWI, enhanced vegetation index - EVI, soil-adjusted vegetation index - SAVI, structureintensive pigment index - SIPI and atmospherically resistant vegetation index - ARVI). On this basic metrices, the 18 indices were calculated. The derived indices are based on extensive domain knowledge and are used for assessing vegetation properties and are defined in [Valero et al. 2016]. Aside from 180 total features from before mentioned indices also the height and land inclination are included which were obtained from Digital Elevation Model (DEM) of Slovenia.
Earth observation; LPIS; Temporal indices
Supplement to:
Šircelj, Beno; Kenda, Klemen; Koprivec, Filip (submitted): FASTENER Feature Selection for Highly Dimensional Data Sets. Entropy
Related to:
Valero, Silvia; Morin, David; Inglada, Jordi; Sepulcre, Guadalupe; Arias, Marcela; Hagolle, Olivier; Dedieu, Gérard; Bontemps, Sophie; Defourny, Pierre; Koetz, Benjamin (2016): Production of a Dynamic Cropland Mask by Processing Remote Sensing Image Series at High Temporal and Spatial Resolutions. Remote Sensing, 8(1), 55,
Latitude: 46.000000 * Longitude: 15.000000
Slovenia * Latitude: 46.000000 * Longitude: 15.000000 * Location: Slovenia
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