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Voigt, Ines; Cruz, Anna Paula Soares; Mulitza, Stefan; Chiessi, Cristiano Mazur; Mackensen, Andreas; Lippold, Jörg; Antz, Benny; Zabel, Matthias; Zhang, Yancheng; Barbosa, Catia F; Tisserand, Amandine (2017): (Supplementary Table 6) Stable isotope data of sediment core GS07-150-17/1GC-A. PANGAEA,, In supplement to: Voigt, I et al. (2017): Variability in mid-depth ventilation of the western Atlantic Ocean during the last deglaciation. Paleoceanography, 32(9), 948-965,

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Source data set:
Freeman, Emma; Skinner, Luke C; Tisserand, Amandine; Dokken, Trond; Timmermann, Axel; Menviel, Laurie; Friedrich, Torsten (2015): An Atlantic–Pacific ventilation seesaw across the last deglaciation. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 424, 237-244, (Reference for d13C mean data)
Latitude: -4.216330 * Longitude: -37.075330
Minimum DEPTH, sediment/rock: 0.50 m * Maximum DEPTH, sediment/rock: 1.80 m
GS07-150-17/1GC-A * Latitude: -4.216330 * Longitude: -37.075330 * Elevation: -1000.0 m * Method/Device: Gravity corer (GC)
#NameShort NameUnitPrincipal InvestigatorMethod/DeviceComment
1DEPTH, sediment/rockDepthmVoigt, InesGeocode
2AGEAgeka BPVoigt, InescalibratedGeocode – Re-calibrated age (this paper)
3Cibicides wuellerstorfi, δ13CC. wuellerstorfi δ13C‰ PDBFreeman, Emmamean
4Cibicides wuellerstorfi, δ18OC. wuellerstorfi δ18O‰ PDBVoigt, Inesmean (this study)
52 data points

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