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Ponte Lira, Cristina; Silva, Ana Maria Almeida Nobre; Taborda, Rui; Andrade, César Freire (2016): Coastline evolution rates of Portugal. PANGAEA,, Supplement to: Ponte Lira, Cristina; Nobre Silva, Ana; Taborda, Rui; Freire de Andrade, Cesar (2016): Coastline evolution of Portuguese low-lying sandy coast in the last 50 years: an integrated approach. Earth System Science Data, 8(1), 265-278,

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Regional/global-scale information on coastline rates of change and trends is extremely valuable, but national-scale studies are scarce. A widely accepted standardized methodology for analysing long-term coastline change has been difficult to achieve, but is essential to conduct an integrated and holistic approach to coastline evolution and hence support coastal management actions. Additionally, databases providing knowledge on coastline evolution are of key importance to support both coastal management experts and users.
The main objective of this work is to present the first systematic, global and consistent long-term coastline evolution data of Portuguese mainland low-lying sandy.
The methodology used quantifies coastline evolution using an unique and robust coastline indicator (the foredune toe), which is independent of short-term changes.
The dataset presented comprises: 1) two polyline sets, mapping the 1958 and 2010 sandy beach-dune systems coastline, both optimized for working at 1:50 000 scale or smaller, and 2) one polyline set representing long-term change rates between 1958 and 2010, estimated at each 250 m.
Results show beach erosion as the dominant trend, with a mean change rate of -0.24 ± 0.01 m/year for all mainland Portuguese beach-dune systems. Although erosion is dominant, this evolution is variable in signal and magnitude in different coastal sediment cell and also within each cell. The most relevant beach erosion issues were found in the coastal stretches of Espinho - Torreira and Costa Nova - Praia da Mira, both at sub-cell 1b; Cova Gala - Leirosa, at sub-cell 1c and Cova do Vapor - Costa da Caparica, at cell 4. Cells 1 and 4 exhibit a history of major human interventions interfering with the coastal system, many of which originated and maintained a sediment deficit. In contrast, cells 5 and 6 have been less intervened and show stable or moderate accretion behaviour.
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Median Latitude: 39.164053 * Median Longitude: -8.514742 * South-bound Latitude: 37.021940 * West-bound Longitude: -9.484440 * North-bound Latitude: 41.863060 * East-bound Longitude: -7.390000
Portuguese_shoreline * Latitude Start: 41.860000 * Longitude Start: -8.870000 * Latitude End: 37.170000 * Longitude End: -7.390000 * Location: Portugal
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