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Prange, Werner; Brümmer, Gerhard; Weber, Ernst (1974): (Tables 2-7) Soil characteristics and geochemistry of marshland in the North Frisian mainland, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. PANGAEA,, Supplement to: Prange, W et al. (1974): Untersuchungen zur Kartierung und Klassifizierung der Böden in der Marsch. Meyniana, 25, 59-86,

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Results from a large scale soil mapping on the North Frisian mainland indicate, that field characteristics, particularly the grain-size, bedding, and degree of compaction, with in general determine the soil units mapped, are closely correlated with each other and with other field and laboratory data. Exchangable ions and the Ca/Mg-ratio, however, indicate no explainable connections with the soil units and with most of the other field characteristics but are determined postsedimentarily by processes of the development of soil and landscape, such as desalting and decalcification, silicate weathering, fresh- and salt-water innundations, salty precipitations, salty groundwater and fertilization. Therefore the Ca/Mg-ratio is not suitable to differentiate between more clayey compacted Knick-marsh soils and less clayey permeable Klei-marsh soils. The results confirm that marsh-soils may only be classified and mapped by means of all available field-data which have to be supplemented by laboratory investigations.
Latitude: 54.634000 * Longitude: 8.899400
Date/Time Start: 1974-01-01T00:00:00 * Date/Time End: 1974-01-01T00:00:00
Minimum DEPTH, sediment/rock: 0.179 m * Maximum DEPTH, sediment/rock: 0.556 m
North_Frisia1974 * Latitude: 54.634000 * Longitude: 8.899400 * Date/Time: 1974-01-01T00:00:00 * Elevation: 1.0 m * Location: Schleswig-Holstein, Germany
All values represent the means of the samples taken (see sample amount). Contents of exchangeable ions were originally given in mval/100 g soil and were recalculated to mmol/kg soil (Na, K: 1 mval = 1 mmol; Ca, Mg: 1 mval = 1/2 mmol).
#NameShort NameUnitPrincipal InvestigatorMethodComment
1Sample code/labelSample labelPrange, Werner
2DescriptionDescriptionPrange, Werner
3Sample amountN#Prange, Werner
4Bedding/bandingBedding/bandingPrange, Werner1 = biogen oder anthropogen zerstörte Schichtung, z. B. Ah- und Ap-Horizonte; 2 = keine makroskopisch sichtbare Schichtung, z. B. Knickhorizonte; 3 = schwache Schichtung; 4 = mäßige Schichtung; 5 = starke Schichtung; 6 = Wechselschichtung
5Layer descriptionLayerPrange, WernerVerdichtung (compaction): 1 = stark/strong; 2 = mäßig/medium; 3 = schwach/weak; 4 = keine/none
6Sample typeSamp typePrange, WernerKartiereinheit: 1 = Kleimarschen; 2 = Kleimarschen-Knickmarschen; 3 = Knickmarschen; 4 = Marschboden in Rinnen und Senken
7DEPTH, sediment/rockDepthmGeocode
8Height above sea levelHeightm a.s.l.Prange, Wernermittlere Horizonttiefe
9Depth, relativeDepth rel%Prange, Werner= mittlere Horizonttiefe x 100 / Mächtigkeit der gesamten oxidierten Horizonte
10Elevation 2Elev2m a.s.l.Prange, Wernerder Geländeoberfläche (of terrain surface)
11Layer thicknessThicknessmPrange, WernerKleimächtigkeit
12Depth, relativeDepth relmPrange, WernerTiefenlage des Übergangs vom Go zum Gr Horizont (Oxydationstiefe)
13Substrate typeSubstratePrange, WernerUntergrund; 1 = Torf und Darg; 2 = pleistozäner Sand, Kies oder Mergel; 3 = Klei, Gr-Horizont
14Land useLand usePrange, Werner1 = Ackerland; 2 = Grünland; 3 = Schilfniederungen
15Size fraction < 0.002 mm, > 9 phi, clay<2 µm, >9 phi%Prange, Wernerin % des carbonat- und humusfreien Feinbodens (< 2 mm)
16Size fraction 0.006-0.002 mm6-2 µm%Prange, Wernerin % des carbonat- und humusfreien Feinbodens (< 2 mm)
17Size fraction 0.020-0.006 mm20-6 µm%Prange, Wernerin % des carbonat- und humusfreien Feinbodens (< 2 mm)
18Size fraction > 0.060 mm>60 µm%Prange, Wernerin % des carbonat- und humusfreien Feinbodens (< 2 mm)
19Fine particle percentageFPPPrange, WernerFeinheitsgrad = (3 x (fraction < 2µm [%]) + 2 x (fraction 2-60 µm [%]) + 1 x (fraction >60 µm [%]) + 100) / 4
20Sulfur, organicS org%Prange, Wernerin % des Feinbodens < 2mm (in % fine fraction < 2mm)
21Calcium carbonateCaCO3%Prange, Wernerin % des Feinbodens < 2mm (in % fine fraction < 2mm)
22pHpHPrange, Wernerin H2O
23pHpHPrange, Wernerin KCl
24ParameterParameterarbitrary unitsPrange, Werneraustauschbare Basen in mval/100g Boden (exchangeable bases in mval/100g of soil)
25ParameterParameterarbitrary unitsPrange, WernerAustauschkapazität in mval/100g Boden (exchange capacity in mval/100g of soil)
26Base saturationBS%Prange, Werner
27CalciumCa2+mmol/kgPrange, Werneraustauschbar (exchangeable)
28MagnesiumMg2+mmol/kgPrange, Werneraustauschbar (exchangeable)
29PotassiumK+mmol/kgPrange, Werneraustauschbar (exchangeable)
30SodiumNa+mmol/kgPrange, Werneraustauschbar (exchangeable)
31CalciumCa%Prange, Werneraustauschbar, in % gesamt (exchangeable, in % total)
32MagnesiumMg%Prange, Werneraustauschbar, in % gesamt (exchangeable, in % total)
33PotassiumK%Prange, Werneraustauschbar, in % gesamt (exchangeable, in % total)
34SodiumNa%Prange, Werneraustauschbar, in % gesamt (exchangeable, in % total)
35Calcium/Magnesium ratioCa/MgPrange, Werneraustauschbarer Ionen (of exchangeable ions)
36Calcium/Sodium ratioCa/NaPrange, Werneraustauschbarer Ionen (of exchangeable ions)
37Calcium/Potassium ratioCa/KPrange, Werneraustauschbarer Ionen (of exchangeable ions)
38Magnesium/Sodium ratioMg/NaPrange, Werneraustauschbarer Ionen (of exchangeable ions)
39Magnesium/Potassium ratioMg/KPrange, Werneraustauschbarer Ionen (of exchangeable ions)
40Sodium/Potassium ratioNa/KPrange, Werneraustauschbarer Ionen (of exchangeable ions)
41Potassium oxideK2Omg/kgPrange, Wernerlaktatlöslich (lactate dissolvable)
42Phosphorus oxideP2O5mg/kgPrange, Wernerlaktatlöslich (lactate dissolvable)
919 data points

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