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Silaev, Valeriy I; Sokerin, Mikhail Yu (2001): Geochemistry data from the Toupugol volcanogenic complex [dataset publication series]. PANGAEA,, Supplement to: Silaev, VI; Sokerin, MY (2001): Indications of an Ensimatic Island Arc of the Silurian-Early Devonian Paleo-Ocean in the Polar Urals. Polarforschung, 69, 137-141, hdl:10013/epic.29836.d001

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A large fragment of a paleovolcano of Silurian to Early Devonian age was discovered in the Voikar volcanic belt suggesting an ensimatic island are as its geodynamic environment. Formationally, the rocks under study are comparable to Pleistocene island arc volcanites and their paleo-analogues. The volcanites of the Toupugol complex underwent strong hydrothermal-metasomatic alteration: propylites, acid metasomatic rocks and quartz-carbonate veins, which must have resulted from hydrothermal-metasomatic alteration of andesitoids. Both volcanites and apovolcanic hydrothermal rocks in Toupugol were found to host noble metal mineralisation. It is found in close association with sulphides, particularly pyrite. Free gold was discovered in all investigated volcanites and hydrothermal rocks and is characterised by low mercury content and an unusual set of microimpurities (Pt, Pd, Cu, Fe, S) suggesting its links to the mantle substrate.
Latitude: 66.916000 * Longitude: 66.450000
Toupugol (Paleovolcano) * Latitude: 66.916000 * Longitude: 66.450000 * Method/Device: Geological sample (GEOS)
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