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Silaev, Valeriy I; Sokerin, Mikhail Yu (2001): Tab. 3: Chemical composition of gold from the Toupugol paleovolcano rocks. PANGAEA,, In supplement to: Silaev, VI; Sokerin, MY (2001): Indications of an Ensimatic Island Arc of the Silurian-Early Devonian Paleo-Ocean in the Polar Urals. Polarforschung, 69, 137-141, hdl:10013/epic.29836.d001

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Latitude: 66.916000 * Longitude: 66.450000
Toupugol (Paleovolcano) * Latitude: 66.916000 * Longitude: 66.450000 * Method/Device: Geological sample (GEOS)
#NameShort NameUnitPrincipal InvestigatorMethod/DeviceComment
1Rock typeRockSilaev, Valeriy I
2ReplicatesRepl#Silaev, Valeriy I
3GoldAu%Silaev, Valeriy IMicroprobe
4Gold, standard deviationAu std dev±Silaev, Valeriy IMicroprobe
5OccurrenceOccur%Silaev, Valeriy IMicroprobeGold
6SilverAg%Silaev, Valeriy IMicroprobe
7Silver, standard deviationAg std dev±Silaev, Valeriy IMicroprobe
8OccurrenceOccur%Silaev, Valeriy IMicroprobeSilver
9MercuryHg%Silaev, Valeriy IMicroprobe
10Mercury, standard deviationHg std dev±Silaev, Valeriy IMicroprobe
11OccurrenceOccur%Silaev, Valeriy IMicroprobeMercury
12PlatinumPt%Silaev, Valeriy IMicroprobe
13Platinum std devPt std dev±Silaev, Valeriy IMicroprobe
14OccurrenceOccur%Silaev, Valeriy IMicroprobePlatinum
15PalladiumPd%Silaev, Valeriy IMicroprobe
16Palladium std devPd std dev±Silaev, Valeriy IMicroprobe
17OccurrenceOccur%Silaev, Valeriy IMicroprobePalladium
18CopperCu%Silaev, Valeriy IMicroprobe
19Copper, standard deviationCu std dev±Silaev, Valeriy IMicroprobe
20OccurrenceOccur%Silaev, Valeriy IMicroprobeCopper
21IronFe%Silaev, Valeriy IMicroprobe
22Iron, standard deviationFe std dev±Silaev, Valeriy IMicroprobe
23OccurrenceOccur%Silaev, Valeriy IMicroprobeIron
24LeadPb%Silaev, Valeriy IMicroprobe
25Lead, standard deviationPb std dev±Silaev, Valeriy IMicroprobe
26OccurrenceOccur%Silaev, Valeriy IMicroprobeLead
27BismuthBi%Silaev, Valeriy IMicroprobe
28Bismuth, standard deviationBi std dev±Silaev, Valeriy IMicroprobe
29OccurrenceOccur%Silaev, Valeriy IMicroprobeBismuth
30Sulfur, totalTS%Silaev, Valeriy IMicroprobe
31Sulfur, standard deviationS std dev±Silaev, Valeriy IMicroprobe
32OccurrenceOccur%Silaev, Valeriy IMicroprobeSulphur
86 data points

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