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Fenner, Juliane M; Mikkelsen, Naja (1990): (Table 3) Occurrence chart of Paleogene diatom species in ODP Hole 115-706B. PANGAEA,, In supplement to: Fenner, JM; Mikkelsen, N (1990): Eocene-Oligocene diatoms in the western Indian Ocean: Taxonomy, Stratigraphy, and Paleoceanography. In: Duncan, R.A., Backmann, J., Peterson, L.C.; et al. (eds.), Proceedings of the Ocean Drilling Program, Scientific Results, College Station, TX (Ocean Drilling Program), 15, 433-463,

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Latitude: -13.114000 * Longitude: 61.371000
Date/Time Start: 1987-05-23T08:00:00 * Date/Time End: 1987-05-24T03:30:00
Minimum Elevation: -2518.0 m * Maximum Elevation: -2518.0 m
115-706B * Latitude: -13.114000 * Longitude: 61.371000 * Date/Time Start: 1987-05-23T08:00:00 * Date/Time End: 1987-05-24T03:30:00 * Elevation: -2518.0 m * Penetration: 43.7 m * Recovery: 29.44 m * Location: South Indian Ridge, South Indian Ocean * Campaign: Leg115 * Basis: Joides Resolution * Device: Drilling/drill rig (DRILL) * Comment: 7 cores; 43.7 m cored; 0 m drilled; 67.4 % recovery
species abundance: S = singel (<0.1%), R = rare (0.1%-1.0%), F = frequent (1%-10%), C = common (10%-30%), A = abundant (30%-50%), D = dominant (>50%), - = absent
#NameShort NameUnitPrincipal InvestigatorMethodComment
1EpochEpochFenner, Juliane M
2Diatom zoneDiatom zoneFenner, Juliane M
3Sample code/labelSample labelFenner, Juliane MODP sample designation
4Volcanic fragmentsVolc fragmFenner, Juliane MAsh
5ClinoptiloliteCptFenner, Juliane M
6PollenPollenFenner, Juliane M
7Fish remainsFish remFenner, Juliane MFish scales
8ForaminiferaForamFenner, Juliane MForaminifer casts
9PhytolithsPhytolithsFenner, Juliane M
10DinoflagellataDinoflagellataFenner, Juliane MEndoskeletal dinoflagellates
11SpermatogoniaSpermatogoniaFenner, Juliane M
12Sponge spiculaeSponge spicFenner, Juliane M
13Radiolarians abundanceRad abundFenner, Juliane M
14ArchaeomonadaceaeArchaeomonadaceaeFenner, Juliane M
15Silicoflagellate occurrenceSilicoflag occFenner, Juliane M
16Diatom abundanceDiatom abundFenner, Juliane M
17Diatom preservationDiatom preservFenner, Juliane M
18Aulacoseira granulataA. granulataFenner, Juliane M
19Actinocyclus octonariusA. octonariusFenner, Juliane M
20Abas wittiiA. wittiiFenner, Juliane M
21Arachnoidiscus spp.Arachnoidiscus spp.Fenner, Juliane M
22Asterolampra affinisA. affinisFenner, Juliane M
23Asterolampra grevilleiA. grevilleiFenner, Juliane M
24Asterolampra marylandicaA. marylandicaFenner, Juliane M
25Asterolampra punctiferaA. punctiferaFenner, Juliane M
26Asterolampra vulgarisA. vulgarisFenner, Juliane M
27Asterolampra vulgarisA. vulgarisFenner, Juliane Mvar. A
28Baxteriopsis bruniiB. bruniiFenner, Juliane M
29Bogorovia veniaminiB. veniaminiFenner, Juliane M
30Briggera spp.Briggera spp.Fenner, Juliane M
31Cestodiscus convexusC. convexusFenner, Juliane M
32Cestodiscus demergitusC. demergitusFenner, Juliane M
33Cestodiscus gemmiferC. gemmiferFenner, Juliane M
34Cestodiscus mukhinaeC. mukhinaeFenner, Juliane M
35Cestodiscus parmulusC. parmulusFenner, Juliane M
36Cestodiscus pulchellusC. pulchellusFenner, Juliane M
37Cestodiscus reticulatusC. reticulatusFenner, Juliane M
38Cestodiscus stokesianusC. stokesianusFenner, Juliane M
39Cestodiscus trochusC. trochusFenner, Juliane M
40Cestodiscus sp.Cestodiscus sp.Fenner, Juliane Mvar. 1
41Cestodiscus sp.Cestodiscus sp.Fenner, Juliane M
42Chaetoceros asymmetricusC. asymmetricusFenner, Juliane M
43Chaetoceros sp.Chaetoceros sp.Fenner, Juliane Mvar. 1
44Chaetoceros sp.Chaetoceros sp.Fenner, Juliane Mvar. 2
45Chaetoceros sp.Chaetoceros sp.Fenner, Juliane M
46Clavicula spp.Clavicula spp.Fenner, Juliane M
47Cocconeis spp.Cocconeis spp.Fenner, Juliane M
48Coscinodiscus excavatusC. excavatusFenner, Juliane M
49Coscinodiscus grossheimiiC. grossheimiiFenner, Juliane M
50Coscinodiscus hajosiaeC. hajosiaeFenner, Juliane M
51Coscinodiscus marginatusC. marginatusFenner, Juliane M
52Coscinodiscus oligocenicusC. oligocenicusFenner, Juliane M
53Coscinodiscus radiatusC. radiatusFenner, Juliane M
54Coscinodiscus sp.Coscinodiscus sp.Fenner, Juliane M
55Craspedodiscus coscinodiscusC. coscinodiscusFenner, Juliane M
56Craspedodiscus umbonatusC. umbonatusFenner, Juliane M
57Dextradonator eximiusD. eximiusFenner, Juliane M
58Diploneis spp.Diploneis spp.Fenner, Juliane M
59Entogonia spp.Entogonia spp.Fenner, Juliane M
60Ethmodiscus spp.Ethmodiscus spp.Fenner, Juliane M
61Grammatophora spp.Grammatophora spp.Fenner, Juliane M
62Hemiaulus altarH. altarFenner, Juliane M
63Hemiaulus barbadensisH. barbadensisFenner, Juliane M
64Hemiaulus clavigerH. clavigerFenner, Juliane M
65Hemiaulus exiguusH. exiguusFenner, Juliane M
66Hemiaulus incisusH. incisusFenner, Juliane M
67Hemiaulus klushnikoviiH. klushnikoviiFenner, Juliane M
68Hemiaulus longicornisH. longicornisFenner, Juliane M
69Hemiaulus gracilisH. gracilisFenner, Juliane M
70Hemiaulus lyriformisH. lyriformisFenner, Juliane M
71Hemiaulus polycystinorumH. polycystinorumFenner, Juliane M
72Hemiaulus polycystinorum var. mesoleptaH. polycystinorum var. mesoleptaFenner, Juliane M
73Hemiaulus sp.Hemiaulus sp.Fenner, Juliane MHemiaulus sp. (pyxilloides)
74Hemiaulus subacutusH. subacutusFenner, Juliane M
75Hemiaulus taurusH. taurusFenner, Juliane M
76Hemiaulus sp.Hemiaulus sp.Fenner, Juliane M
77Hyalodiscus spp.Hyalodiscus spp.Fenner, Juliane M
78Isthmia spp.Isthmia spp.Fenner, Juliane M
79Liostephania sp.Liostephania sp.Fenner, Juliane MLiostephania of Asterolampra spp.
80Lisitzinia ornataL. ornataFenner, Juliane M
81Melosira architecturalisM. architecturalisFenner, Juliane M
82Navicula spp.Navicula spp.Fenner, Juliane M
83Paralia sulcataP. sulcataFenner, Juliane M
84Pseudopodosira spp.Pseudopodosira spp.Fenner, Juliane M
85Rhaphoneis immunisR. immunisFenner, Juliane M
86Rhizosolenia hebetataR. hebetataFenner, Juliane M
87Rhizosolenia interpositaR. interpositaFenner, Juliane M
88Rhizosolenia sp.Rhizosolenia sp.Fenner, Juliane Mvar. 1
89Rocella vigilansR. vigilansFenner, Juliane M
90Rocella vigilansR. vigilansFenner, Juliane Mconcentrically undulated
91Rocella vigilansR. vigilansFenner, Juliane MR. vigilans - R. praenitida (transitional forms)
92Sceptroneis spp.Sceptroneis spp.Fenner, Juliane M
93Skeletonema barbadienseS. barbadienseFenner, Juliane M
94Stephanopyxis spp.Stephanopyxis spp.Fenner, Juliane M
95Synedra aff. hennedyanaS. aff. hennedyanaFenner, Juliane M
96Synedra jouseanaS. jouseanaFenner, Juliane M
97Thalassionema nitzschioidesT. nitzschioidesFenner, Juliane M
98Thalassiosira bukryiT. bukryiFenner, Juliane M
99Thalassiothrix longissimaT. longissimaFenner, Juliane M
100Triceratium americaniumT. americaniumFenner, Juliane M
101Triceratium areolatumT. areolatumFenner, Juliane M
102Triceratium sp.Triceratium sp.Fenner, Juliane M
103Trinacria subcapitataT. subcapitataFenner, Juliane M
104Trochosira aff. trochleaT. aff. trochleaFenner, Juliane M
105Xanthiopyxis spp.Xanthiopyxis spp.Fenner, Juliane M
106Diatoms indeterminataDiatoms indetFenner, Juliane MGenus et Species indet. 1
107Diatoms indeterminataDiatoms indetFenner, Juliane MGenus et Species indet. 1
108Macrora barbadensisM. harbadensisFenner, Juliane M
109Macrora stellaM. stellaFenner, Juliane M
109 data points

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