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Adams, Nicoletta (2003): Geochemistry of volcanic ash, Thera-5 section [dataset]. PANGAEA,, In supplement to: Adams, N (1987): Der Thera-Vulkan (Santorin/Griechenland) - seine lithologische, vulkanologische und geochemische Entwicklung (The Thera Volcano (Santorini/Greece) - lithological, volcanological and geochemical development. PhD Thesis, Eberhard-Karls-Universität Tübingen, Germany, 241 pp, hdl:10013/epic.38986.d001

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Latitude: 36.363711 * Longitude: 25.397634
Date/Time Start: 1984-07-01T00:00:00 * Date/Time End: 1984-07-01T00:00:00
Minimum SECTION, height: 31.00 m * Maximum SECTION, height: 78.80 m
Thera-5 * Latitude: 36.363711 * Longitude: 25.397634 * Date/Time: 1984-07-01T00:00:00 * Elevation: 0.0 m * Method/Device: Profile sampling (PROFILE) * Comment: Balos
#NameShort NameUnitPrincipal InvestigatorMethod/DeviceComment
1SECTION, heightSectionmGeocode
2Silicon dioxideSiO2%Adams, NicolettaX-ray fluorescence (XRF)
3Titanium dioxideTiO2%Adams, NicolettaX-ray fluorescence (XRF)
4Aluminium oxideAl2O3%Adams, NicolettaX-ray fluorescence (XRF)
5Iron oxide, Fe2O3Fe2O3%Adams, NicolettaX-ray fluorescence (XRF)
6Manganese oxideMnO%Adams, NicolettaX-ray fluorescence (XRF)
7Magnesium oxideMgO%Adams, NicolettaX-ray fluorescence (XRF)
8Calcium oxideCaO%Adams, NicolettaX-ray fluorescence (XRF)
9Sodium oxideNa2O%Adams, NicolettaX-ray fluorescence (XRF)
10Potassium oxideK2O%Adams, NicolettaX-ray fluorescence (XRF)
11Phosphorus pentoxideP2O5%Adams, NicolettaX-ray fluorescence (XRF)
12Loss on ignitionLOI%Adams, NicolettaCalculated
13SumSum%Adams, NicolettaCalculated
14VanadiumVmg/kgAdams, NicolettaX-ray fluorescence (XRF)
15ChromiumCrmg/kgAdams, NicolettaX-ray fluorescence (XRF)
16NickelNimg/kgAdams, NicolettaX-ray fluorescence (XRF)
17ZincZnmg/kgAdams, NicolettaX-ray fluorescence (XRF)
18RubidiumRbmg/kgAdams, NicolettaX-ray fluorescence (XRF)
19StrontiumSrmg/kgAdams, NicolettaX-ray fluorescence (XRF)
20YttriumYmg/kgAdams, NicolettaX-ray fluorescence (XRF)
21ZirconiumZrmg/kgAdams, NicolettaX-ray fluorescence (XRF)
22NiobiumNbmg/kgAdams, NicolettaX-ray fluorescence (XRF)
23BariumBamg/kgAdams, NicolettaX-ray fluorescence (XRF)
24LanthanumLamg/kgAdams, NicolettaElement analysis, neutron activation (NAA)
25CeriumCemg/kgAdams, NicolettaElement analysis, neutron activation (NAA)
26NeodymiumNdmg/kgAdams, NicolettaElement analysis, neutron activation (NAA)
27SamariumSmmg/kgAdams, NicolettaElement analysis, neutron activation (NAA)
28EuropiumEumg/kgAdams, NicolettaElement analysis, neutron activation (NAA)
29TerbiumTbmg/kgAdams, NicolettaElement analysis, neutron activation (NAA)
30YtterbiumYbmg/kgAdams, NicolettaElement analysis, neutron activation (NAA)
31LutetiumLumg/kgAdams, NicolettaElement analysis, neutron activation (NAA)
32Lithologic unit/sequenceUnitAdams, Nicoletta
33Sample code/labelSample labelAdams, Nicoletta
34CommentCommentAdams, Nicoletta
263 data points

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