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Hübscher, Christian; Beier, Christoph (2022): Multibeam bathymetry processed data (EM 120 echosounder & Kongsberg EM 122 dataset compilation) of RV METEOR during cruise M79/2, M113/1 & M128, Azores Plateau between the Terceira Rift and the East Azores Fracture Zone, North Atlantic Ocean [dataset]. PANGAEA,

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Swath sonar bathymetry data used for that dataset was recorded during RV METEOR cruises M79/2 (26.8.-21.9. 2009) using Kongsberg EM 120 multibeam echosounder and M113/1 (29.12.2014-22.1.2015) and M128 (2.-27.7.2016) using Kongsberg EM 122 multibeam echosounder. The water depth ranges from 14 to 4974 m. The data set stretches W-E from -29.9396°W to -22.9648°W and N-S from 39.3084°N to 36.5185°N. To enhance MBES data accuracy, several sound velocity profile casts were conducted in the vicinity of the working area prior and during the surveys. Raw data were converted to MB-System format. Data were manually edited for false measurements. No further artificial sound velocity profiles were used during further processing. A raster was calculated and stored in GeoTIFF format with a 50m resolution. In addition, the full resolution of available ASCII data and used for grid calculation are also archived in this dataset. To obtain a continuous grid, we recommend combining it with EMODNet data.
Azores Plateau; Bathymetry; M113/1; M128; M79/2
Supplement to:
Beier, Christoph; Genske, Felix; Hübscher, Christian; Haase, Karsten M; Bach, Wolfgang; Nomikou, Paraskevi (2022): The submarine Azores Plateau: Evidence for a waning mantle plume? Marine Geology, 451, 106858,
Related to:
Beier, Christoph; Bach, Wolfgang; Blum, Marie; Cerqueira, Teresa; Ferreira, Pedro; Genske, Felix; Haase, Karsten M; Kausche, Arne; Kemner, Fabian; Klügel, Andreas; Krumm, Stefan H; Kueppers, Ulrich; Leymann, Tom; Mai, Anh Hoang; Petry, Franziska; Ratmeyer, Volker; Raeke, Andreas; Rentsch, Harald; Romer, René Hans Werner; Sampaio, Íris; Schade, Tobias; Schleifer, Bernd; Schröder, Marcel; Skambraks, Tom; Storch, Bettina; Vittori, Vincent; Wefer, Gerold (2017): Azores Plateau - Cruise No. M128 - July 2 - July 27, 2016 - Ponta Delgada (Azores, Portugal) - Ponta Delgada (Azores, Portugal). METEOR-Berichte, DFG-Senatskommission für Ozeanographie, M128, 42 pp,
Hübscher, Christian (2013): Tragica - Cruise No. M79/2 - August 26 - September 21, 2009 - Ponta Delgada (Azores / Portugal) - Las Palmas (Canary Islands / Spain). METEOR-Berichte, DFG-Senatskommission für Ozeanographie, M79/2, 37 pp,
Hübscher, Christian; Beier, Christoph; Al-Hseinat, Muayyad; Batista, Luis; Blum, Marie; Bobsin, Martina; Bülow, Joachim; Frahm, Laura; Grob, Henrik; Hildenbrandt, Anthony; Kalvelage, Claudia; Kammann, Janina; Knevels, Katharina; Levanos, Isidoros; Nomikou, Paraskevi; Reichel, Henning; Petry, Franziska; Spickermann, Dela; Stackemann, Fine; Stratmann, Sjard; Terrinha, Pedro; Vögele, Martin; Winter, Sven; Schaaf, Tobias; Schleifer, Bernd; Stelzner, Martin; Spitzy, Alejandro; Weinzierl, Christoph; Weiß, Benedikt (2016): Azores Plateau - Cruise No. M113/1 - December 29, 2014 - January 22, 2015 - Ponta Delgada (Portugal) - Ponta Delgada (Portugal). METEOR-Berichte, DFG-Senatskommission für Ozeanographie, M113/1, 31 pp,
Latitude: 37.750097 * Longitude: -26.359826
M79/2_M113/1_M128-EM122 * Latitude: 37.750097 * Longitude: -26.359826 * Comment: Event coordintaes refer to the center location of the raster data files
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#NameShort NameUnitPrincipal InvestigatorMethod/DeviceComment
1Binary ObjectBinaryHübscher, Christian
2Binary Object (Media Type)Binary (Type)Hübscher, Christian
3Binary Object (File Size)Binary (Size)BytesHübscher, Christian
4Raster cell sizeRaster cell sizeHübscher, Christian
5File contentContentHübscher, Christian
6Vertical datumVertical datumHübscher, Christian
7Horizontal datumHorizontal datumHübscher, Christian
8Longitude, westboundLongitude westHübscher, Christian
9Longitude, eastboundLongitude eastHübscher, Christian
10Latitude, southboundLatitude southHübscher, Christian
11Latitude, northboundLatitude northHübscher, Christian
Curation Level: Enhanced curation (CurationLevelC) * Processing Level: PANGAEA data processing level 4 (ProcLevel4)
36 data points

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