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The atlas contains a collection of 2,106 published and previously unpublished downcore stable isotope records of various planktonic and benthic species of foraminifera from 1,265 globally distributed sediment cores. Uncalibrated radiocarbon dates are provided for 598 cores in the collection. Each stable isotope and radiocarbon series is stored in a separate netCDF file containing fundamental meta data as attributes. The data set can be further explored and analyzed with the free software tool PaleoDataView (Langner, M. and Mulitza, S.: Clim. Past, 15, 2067–2072,
carbon isotopes; foraminifera; oxygen isotopes; PaleoDataView; radiocarbon
Further details:
Langner, Michael; Mulitza, Stefan (2019): Technical note: PaleoDataView – a software toolbox for the collection, homogenization and visualization of marine proxy data. Climate of the Past, 15(6), 2067-2072,
Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), grant/award no. 01LP1922A: PalMod II - WP3.1 Marine Paläoklimadaten zur Verifizierung von Erdsystemmodellen TP1 Synthese und TP2 Anwendungssoftware
Comment: contains 2006 stable isotope records (in netCDF format) and 598 radiocarbon records (in netCDF format). The folder structure in the file should be preserved and is required to use the collection with the software PaleoDataView.
Curation Level: Basic curation (CurationLevelB)
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