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Palmer, Hannah M; Padilla Vriesman, Veronica; Banker, Roxanne M W; Bean, Jessica R (2021): A database of Holocene nearshore marine mollusc shell geochemistry from the Northeast Pacific. PANGAEA,

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Palmer, Hannah M; Padilla Vriesman, Veronica; Banker, Roxanne M W; Bean, Jessica R (2021): A database of Holocene nearshore marine mollusc shell geochemistry from the Northeast Pacific. PANGAEA,
We compiled a database of previously published oxygen and carbon isotope data from archaeological, archival, and modern marine molluscs from the North American coast of the Northeast Pacific (32oN to 50oN). This database includes oxygen and carbon isotope data from over 550 modern, archaeological, and sub-fossil shells from 8880 years before present (BP) to the present, from which there are 4,845 total δ¹³C and 5,071 total δ¹⁸O measurements. Database includes the following parameters: paper of original publication, publication year, unique shell identification, unique subsample identification, sample number (given by original authors), subsample number (given by original author), number of subsamples per shell (added here), age in years before present, species, source (midden or modern), latitude, longitude, calculated sea surface temperature (only if published by original authors), tidal height, life mode, habitat, archaeological trinomial (when applicable), oxygen isotope value, and carbon isotope value. Shell dating and sampling strategies vary among studies (1-118 samples per shell) and vary significantly by journal discipline. Data are from various bivalves and gastropod species, with Mytilus spp. being the most commonly analyzed taxon. This novel database can be used to investigate changes in nearshore sea surface conditions including warm-cool oscillations, heat waves, and upwelling intensity, and provides nearshore calcite δ¹³C and δ¹⁸O values that can be compared to the vast collections of offshore foraminifera calcite δ¹³C and δ¹⁸O data from marine sediment cores. By utilizing previously published geochemical data from midden and museum shells rather than sampling new specimens, future scientific research can reduce or omit the alteration or destruction of culturally valued specimens and sites.
geochemical archives; Mollusc; Nearshore zone; oxygen and carbon isotopes; paleoceanography
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