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Cariñanos, Paloma; Ruiz-Peñuela, Soledad; Uresti, Diana; Irimia, Daniel (2021): Sierra Nevada Atmospheric-Pollen Data set (SNOWPOLL) Version l (2016-2019). PANGAEA,

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This dataset presents daily / hourly raw data on atmospheric pollen count and identification in Sierra Nevada (Granada, Spain) during the period June-September of the years 2016-2019. The sampling was carried out using a Hirst-type suction volumetric collector (model Lanzoni 2000, Lanzoni srl, Bologna, Italy), installed in the University Hostel, Hoya de la Mora (37º, 05'N, 3º 23'W, 2500 m a.s.l.), in Sierra Nevada Natural and National Park, southeastern of the Iberian Peninsula. The sampler works permanently, 24h / day, sucking in a constant volume of air of 10 l / min., and depositing all the particular material they contain on a filter impregnating with diluted silicone. The subsequent optical microscopy analysis of the samples, following the standardized protocol of the Spanish Aerobiology Network (Galán et al., 2007), enables the quali-quantitative identification of the different pollen types at the taxonomic level of family, genus and in some cases, even species. The resulting dataset contains records of the pollen types from the most representative wind-pollinated plants of the natural vegetation of the surroundings: juniper groves, pine groves, oak groves and psychroxerophilic pasture. Data on pollen transported from other nearby or remote locations of a radius of up to 30 km around the sampler are also included, the latter in the frequent episodes of Saharan dust intrusion in the southeast of the peninsula. In order to offer greater practicality to potential users, the data set is provided in both a wide and long format. In both formats 0 values indicate not pollen count for a taxon that was being sampled that year (identified at least once time). Regarding null values, in the long format indicate technical errors, while in the wide format indicate also that no information is available for a taxon over a whole sampling year. Date/time data correspond to CET and CEST time zone. This data set provides valuable information on atmospheric pollen in a recognized plant biodiversity hotspot within the Mediterranean context, which is essential for assessing the status of endemic species highly dependent on stable environmental conditions, and their response to the impact of climate change. In this context, data can help to establish conservation and recovery plans for the species whose survival is most threatened.
Airborne Pollen; Airborne pollen records; Mediterranean Mountains; Sierra Nevada Aerobiology; wind-pollinated species
Related to:
Cariñanos, Paloma; Algarra, Jose A; Díaz de la Guardia, Consuelo (2019): Aerobiology and Conservation. In: Peñas, J. & Lorite, J. (eds.) Conservation Biology in Sierra Nevada plants. Principles and challenges for its preservation. Editorial University of Granada
Irimia, Daniel (2018): Monitoring of the Reproductive Biology of the Flora of Altas Cumbres from pollen emissions. University of Granada
Uresti, Diana (2017): Characterization of the biogenic aerosol in the SLOPE II campaign in Sierra Nevada, Spain. University of Granada
Other version:
Cariñanos, Paloma; Garcia-Sánchez, Alfredo; Sánchez-Jiménez, Gema (2023): Sierra Nevada Atmospheric-Pollen Data set (SNOWPOLL) Version ll (2016-2022). PANGAEA,
UNIV GRANADA, grant/award no. RTI2018-101154-A-100: Impact of Primary and Secondary biogenic particles on clouds formation (BioCloud)
Latitude: 37.083330 * Longitude: -3.383330
Date/Time Start: 2016-06-15T00:00:00 * Date/Time End: 2019-09-25T09:00:00
Minimum Elevation: 2500.0 m * Maximum Elevation: 2500.0 m
Hoya_de_la_Mora * Latitude: 37.083330 * Longitude: -3.383330 * Date/Time Start: 2016-06-15T00:00:00 * Date/Time End: 2019-09-25T09:00:00 * Elevation: 2500.0 m * Location: Sierra Nevada, Spain * Method/Device: Hirst-type suction volumetric collector (Lanzoni 2000, Lanzoni srl, Bologna, Italy)
#NameShort NameUnitPrincipal InvestigatorMethod/DeviceComment
1Date/Time localDate/Time localCariñanos, PalomaCET/CEST
2AcerAce#Cariñanos, PalomaOptical microscopy
3AmaranthaceaeAmaceae#Cariñanos, PalomaOptical microscopy
4ApiaceaeApiae#Cariñanos, PalomaOptical microscopy
5ArtemisiaArt#Cariñanos, PalomaOptical microscopy
6AsteraceaeAstae#Cariñanos, PalomaOptical microscopy
7BetulaBet#Cariñanos, PalomaOptical microscopy
8BrassicaceaeBraae#Cariñanos, PalomaOptical microscopy
9CannabisCan#Cariñanos, PalomaOptical microscopy
10CaryophyllaceaeCphae#Cariñanos, PalomaOptical microscopy
11CastaneaCas#Cariñanos, PalomaOptical microscopy
12CeltisCel#Cariñanos, PalomaOptical microscopy
13CistaceaeCisae#Cariñanos, PalomaOptical microscopy
14CornusCrn#Cariñanos, PalomaOptical microscopy
15CupressaceaeCupae#Cariñanos, PalomaOptical microscopy
16CyperaceaeCypae#Cariñanos, PalomaOptical microscopy
17EchiumEch#Cariñanos, PalomaOptical microscopy
18EphedraEph#Cariñanos, PalomaOptical microscopy
19EphedraceaeEpheae#Cariñanos, PalomaOptical microscopy
20EricaceaeEriae#Cariñanos, PalomaOptical microscopy
21FabaceaeFabae#Cariñanos, PalomaOptical microscopy
22LamiaceaeLamae#Cariñanos, PalomaOptical microscopy
23LiliaceaeLilae#Cariñanos, PalomaOptical microscopy
24MalvaceaeMalvae#Cariñanos, PalomaOptical microscopy
25MercurialisMer#Cariñanos, PalomaOptical microscopy
26MyrtaceaeMytae#Cariñanos, PalomaOptical microscopy
27OleaOle#Cariñanos, PalomaOptical microscopy
28ParietariaPrt#Cariñanos, PalomaOptical microscopy
29PinusPin#Cariñanos, PalomaOptical microscopy
30PlantagoPla#Cariñanos, PalomaOptical microscopy
31PlatanusPlt#Cariñanos, PalomaOptical microscopy
32PoaceaePoac#Cariñanos, PalomaOptical microscopy
33PopulusPop#Cariñanos, PalomaOptical microscopy
34QuercusQue#Cariñanos, PalomaOptical microscopy
35RosaceaeRosae#Cariñanos, PalomaOptical microscopy
36RumexRum#Cariñanos, PalomaOptical microscopy
37SalixSal#Cariñanos, PalomaOptical microscopy
38ThymelaeaceaeThyae#Cariñanos, PalomaOptical microscopy
39TiliaTil#Cariñanos, PalomaOptical microscopy
40TyphaTyp#Cariñanos, PalomaOptical microscopy
41TyphaceaeTypae#Cariñanos, PalomaOptical microscopy
42undeterminedvaria#Cariñanos, PalomaOptical microscopy
Change history:
2023-08-29T12:16:05 – Update of the dataset title due to new version.
Curation Level: Enhanced curation (CurationLevelC)
244949 data points

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