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Fischer, Gerhard; Romero, Oscar E (2021): Fluxes of total mass, bulk components and diatoms at the CV trap (Cape Verde). PANGAEA,

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The aim of this study is to investigate the transfer of biogenic (BSi, organic carbon, carbonate) and lithogenic particles from different types of eddies to sequestration depths against oligotrophic background conditions. We use a multi-year sediment trap record (2009-2016) of particle fluxes at the oligotrophic site CVOO, which documents fall-winter conditions with different low oxygen eddies passing through the study site and during oligotrophic, low-seasonality conditions prevailing north of the Cape Verde islands.
Cape Verde; diatoms; eddies; fluxes; multiyear; northwest Africa; particles; Sediment traps; time-series
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Fischer, Gerhard; Romero, Oscar E; Karstensen, Johannes; Baumann, Karl-Heinz; Moradi, Nasrollah; Iversen, Morten Hvitfeldt; Ruhland, Götz; Klann, Marco; Körtzinger, Arne (2021): Seasonal flux patterns and carbon transport from low-oxygen eddies at the Cape Verde Ocean Observatory: lessons learned from a time series sediment trap study (2009–2016). Biogeosciences, 18(24), 6479-6500,
Latitude: 17.583300 * Longitude: -24.250000
Date/Time Start: 2009-12-01T00:00:00 * Date/Time End: 2016-08-29T00:00:00
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