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Broocks, Anne-Katrin (2021): Mangroves and Meaning-Making: A mutual relationship over time? Ethnographic interview transcripts [dataset]. Qualiservice, PANGAEA,

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EN: Transcriptions of semi-structured interviews held with mangrove use groups during field work in the mangrove areas of Southern Ecuador. Questions developed based on cultural domain analysis (Borgatti 1994, Bernard 2006:266ff., Schnegg and Lang 2008) and grand tour questions (Spradley 1979:86) within the theoretical framework of the Sociology of Knowledge.
ES: Transcripciones de entrevistas abiertas estandardizadas realizados con grupos usando los manglares durante un trabajo de campo en los manglares de Ecuador del sur. Cuestionario fue desarrollado basando en cultural domain analysis (Borgatti 1994, Bernard 2006: 266ff., Schnegg/Lang 2008) y grand tour questions (Spradley 1979: 86) dentro del esquema teoretica de la Sociología del conocimiento.
Study report:
Broocks, Anne-Katrin (2021): Mangroves and Meaning-Making: A mutual relationship over time? Ethnographic Data. Study Report. Universität Bremen, 17 pp,
Date/Time Start: 2019-06-01T00:00:00 * Date/Time End: 2020-02-29T00:00:00
MAMM_EI (MAMM: Ethnographic Interviews) * Date/Time Start: 2019-06-01T00:00:00 * Date/Time End: 2020-02-29T00:00:00 * Event type: DataCollection * Instrument: Guidelines.Flex * Methodology: EN: The data were generated with semi-structured interviews. A special questionnaire was developed for the interviews with the community members; ES: Estos datos fueron generado con entrevistas abiertas estandarizadas. Un cuestionario especial fue desarrollado por las entrevistas en las communidades. * Mode of collection: FaceToFace * Sample size: 22 * Sampling procedure: EN: selective sampling * Location: Ecuador * Campaign: MAMM (Mangroves and Meaning-Making: a mutual relationship over time?) * Method/Device: Interview. Ethnographisches Interview (teilnehmende Beobachtung) (EthnographischesInterview)
Domain attribute(s):
Access type: Delivery; OnSite * Analysis unit: Individual * Kind of data: VerbalData.Transcripts * Rationale: Embargo for reuse of research data. End of moratorium: 31.12.2023 * Statement: Upon request by Qualiservice * Study class: SecondaryUse.Research&Teaching * Sub-universe: EN: Community members in the sample area * Title language: en * URI:
EN: This is a data collection of 22 ethnographic interviews with key informants from the communities living in mangrove areas visited in their communities. 13 of them are female, 10 are male. The average duration of the interviews is 1 – 1,5 hours. Additionally, some recordings derive from informal conversations.
ES: Esto es una colección de datos de 22 entrevistas etnográficas con informantes claves de las communidades habitantes del área de los manglares. 13 de ellos son de sexo femenino, 10 son de sexo masculino. La duración media de las entrevistas es de una hora hasta una hora y media. Además, algunas de las grabaciones tienen su origen en conversaciones informales.
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