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Xi, Hongyan; Losa, Svetlana N; Mangin, Antoine; Garnesson, Philippe; Bretagnon, Marine; Demaria, Julien; Soppa, Mariana A; Hembise Fanton d'Andon, Odile; Bracher, Astrid (2021): A data set of collocated satellite remote sensing reflectance from GlobColour merged products, chlorophyll a concentration of phytoplankton functional types derived from in situ pigment data, and CMEMS sea surface temperature from 2002 to 2012. PANGAEA,

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This data set provides the collocated data of remote sensing reflectance (Rrs) at 9 bands extracted from the merged ocean color products from GlobColour archive (, satellite sea surface temperature from CMEMS (, and chlorophyll a concentrations (Chl-a) derived from a global database of in situ HPLC pigment data collected from 2002 to 2012. The total Chl-a, Chl-a of six phytoplankton functional types (PFTs) that are diatoms, dinoflagellates, haptophytes, green algae, prokaryotes and Prochlorococcus, and two fractions of prokaryotes and Prochlorococcus are included in this data set. PFT Chl-a and fractions are derived using an updated diagnostic pigment analysis (DPA) method (Soppa et al., 2014; Losa et al., 2017), that was originally developed by Vidussi et al. (2001), adapted in Uitz et al. (2006) and further refined by Hirata et al. (2011) and Brewin et al. (2015). Matchups of satellite Rrs to in situ PFT data (which were also matchups to SST) were extracted from global 4-km daily merged products. Extraction and averaging protocol including quality control were described in detail in Xi et al. (2020).
Chlorophyll a; GlobColour; ocean color; OLCI-PFT; particulate matter; PFT; Rrs; SST
Supplement to:
Xi, Hongyan; Losa, Svetlana N; Mangin, Antoine; Garnesson, Philippe; Bretagnon, Marine; Demaria, Julien; Soppa, Mariana A; Hembise Fanton d'Andon, Odile; Bracher, Astrid (2021): Global chlorophyll a concentrations of phytoplankton functional types with detailed uncertainty assessment using multi-sensor ocean color and sea surface temperature satellite products. Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans, 126(5),
Further details:
Losa, Svetlana N; Soppa, Mariana A; Dinter, Tilman; Wolanin, Aleksandra; Brewin, Robert J W; Bricaud, Annick; Oelker, Julia; Peeken, Ilka; Gentili, Bernard; Rozanov, Vladimir V; Bracher, Astrid (2017): Synergistic Exploitation of Hyper- and Multi-Spectral Precursor Sentinel Measurements to Determine Phytoplankton Functional Types (SynSenPFT). Frontiers in Marine Science, 4(203), 22 pp,
Soppa, Mariana A; Hirata, Takafumi; Silva, Brenner; Dinter, Tilman; Peeken, Ilka; Wiegmann, Sonja; Bracher, Astrid (2014): Global retrieval of diatom abundance based on phytoplankton pigments and satellite data. Remote Sensing, 6(10), 10089-10106,
Uitz, Julia; Claustre, Hervé; Morel, André; Hooker, Stanford B (2006): Vertical distribution of phytoplankton communities in open ocean: An assessment based on surface chlorophyll. Journal of Geophysical Research, 111(C8),
Xi, Hongyan; Losa, Svetlana N; Mangin, Antoine; Soppa, Mariana A; Garnesson, Philippe; Demaria, Julien; Liu, Yangyang; Hembise Fanton d'Andon, Odile; Bracher, Astrid (2020): Global retrieval of phytoplankton functional types based on empirical orthogonal functions using CMEMS GlobColour merged products and further extension to OLCI data. Remote Sensing of Environment, 240, 111704,
Median Latitude: 12.010163 * Median Longitude: -34.574086 * South-bound Latitude: -77.360133 * West-bound Longitude: -174.561000 * North-bound Latitude: 79.714333 * East-bound Longitude: 176.863367
Date/Time Start: 2002-07-08T00:00:00 * Date/Time End: 2012-02-22T00:00:00
#NameShort NameUnitPrincipal InvestigatorMethod/DeviceComment
1ORDINAL NUMBEROrd NoXi, HongyanGeocode
2DATE/TIMEDate/TimeXi, HongyanGeocode
3LATITUDELatitudeXi, HongyanGeocode
4LONGITUDELongitudeXi, HongyanGeocode
5DEPTH, waterDepth watermXi, HongyanGeocode
6Chlorophyll a, totalTChl aµg/lXi, Hongyan
7Chlorophyll a, diatomsChl a diatomsµg/lXi, Hongyan
8Chlorophyll a, DinoflagellataChl a Dinoflµg/lXi, Hongyan
9Chlorophyll a, green algaeChl a green algaeµg/lXi, Hongyan
10Chlorophyll a, HaptophytaChl a Haptophytaµg/lXi, Hongyan
11Chlorophyll a, ProkaryotesChl a Prokµg/lXi, Hongyan
12Chlorophyll a, ProchlorococcusChl a Prochlorococcusµg/lXi, Hongyan
13Prokaryotes, fractionalProkaryotesXi, Hongyan
14Prochlorococcus, fractionalProchlorococcusXi, Hongyan
15Remote sensing reflectance at 412 nmRrs_4121/srXi, Hongyan
16Remote sensing reflectance at 443 nmRrs_4431/srXi, Hongyan
17Remote sensing reflectance at 490 nmRrs_4901/srXi, Hongyan
18Remote sensing reflectance at 510 nmRrs_5101/srXi, Hongyan
19Remote sensing reflectance at 531 nmRrs_5311/srXi, Hongyan
20Remote sensing reflectance at 547 nmRrs_5471/srXi, Hongyan
21Remote sensing reflectance at 555 nmRrs_5551/srXi, Hongyan
22Remote sensing reflectance at 670 nmRrs_6701/srXi, Hongyan
23Remote sensing reflectance at 678 nmRrs_6781/srXi, Hongyan
24Sea surface temperatureSST°CXi, Hongyan
Curation Level: Enhanced curation (CurationLevelC)
9015 data points

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