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Rex, Markus (2021): Master tracks in different resolutions of POLARSTERN cruise PS122/4, Longyearbyen - Arctic Ocean, 2020-06-04 - 2020-08-12. Alfred Wegener Institute, Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research, Bremerhaven, PANGAEA,

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Raw data acquired by position sensors on board RV Polarstern during expedition PS122_4 was processed to receive a validated master track which can be used as reference of further expedition data. During PS122_4 two Trimble Marine SPS461 GPS receivers and the iXBlue HYDRINS hydrographic survey inertial navigation system were used as navigation sensors. Data were downloaded from DAVIS SHIP data base ( with a resolution of 1 sec. Processing and evaluation of the data is outlined in the data processing report found at EPIC repository hdl:10013/epic.77923ed6-d30f-4216-b11c-3563af390ac3. Processed data are provided as a master track with 1 sec resolution derived from the position sensors' data selected by priority and a generalized track with a reduced set of the most significant positions of the master track.
Other version:
Rex, Markus (2021): Master track of POLARSTERN cruise PS122/4 in 1 sec resolution (zipped, 36 MB). Alfred Wegener Institute, Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research, Bremerhaven, PANGAEA,
Median Latitude: 80.737864 * Median Longitude: 3.817784 * South-bound Latitude: 78.112093 * West-bound Longitude: -7.364310 * North-bound Latitude: 82.230469 * East-bound Longitude: 15.631829
Date/Time Start: 2020-06-04T06:50:00 * Date/Time End: 2020-08-12T09:59:59
PS122/4-track * Latitude Start: 78.234388 * Longitude Start: 15.622460 * Latitude End: 80.062920 * Longitude End: -6.126250 * Date/Time Start: 2020-06-04T06:50:00 * Date/Time End: 2020-08-12T10:00:00 * Location: Arctic Ocean * Campaign: PS122/4 (MOSAiC20192020) * Basis: Polarstern * Method/Device: Underway cruise track measurements (CT) * Comment: Longyearbyen - Arctic Ocean
#NameShort NameUnitPrincipal InvestigatorMethod/DeviceComment
4SpeedSpeedknCalculated10-min average
5CourseCoursedegCalculated10-min average
19912 data points

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