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Rehfeld, Kira; Bühler, Janica; Sime, Louise C; Holloway, Max D (2021): Climate variables and oxygen isotope ratio in precipitation extracted at speleothem sites for three iHadCM3 climate model simulations over the last millennium (810CE-1850CE). PANGAEA,

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Here we provide time series of three isotope-enabled model simulations of the iHadCM3 Model in supplement to Bühler et al. (2021). Simulation output was extracted at SISAL v.2. sites for the last millennium (810-1850CE). The spatial resolution in the atmosphere is 2.5 by 3.75 degrees in the horizontal with 19 vertical levels, and 1.25 by 1.25 degrees in the ocean, with 20 irregularly spaced vertical levels. Details of the isotope-enabled model extension can be found in Tindall et al. (2009). The model simulations were performed with constant orbital forcing, and time-varying prescribed land cover changes, solar irradiance, volcanic aerosol optical depth and greenhouse gases (CO2, CH4, NO2). Changes in greenhouse gas forcings occur 50 years earlier than other forcings, which should not cause issues in interpretation due to the absence of large trends prior to 1800. We provide output for surface temperature, total precipitation and the precipitation-weighted oxygen isotope ratio extracted by bilinear interpolation at the cave site. To facilitate comparisons we provide both the temporally aggregated output (i.e. model output aggregated to the same temporal resolution as the speleothem data) as well as annual means.
climate model output; oxygen isotope ratios; PALMOD; SISAL; speleothems
Supplement to:
Bühler, Janica; Roesch, Carla; Kirschner, Moritz; Sime, Louise C; Holloway, Max D; Rehfeld, Kira (2021): Comparison of the oxygen isotope signatures in speleothem records and iHadCM3 model simulations for the last millennium. Climate of the Past, 17(3), 985-1004,
Related to:
Comas-Bru, Laia; Rehfeld, Kira; Roesch, Carla; Amirnezhad-Mozhdehi, Sahar; Harrison, Sandy P; Atsawawaranunt, Kamolphat; Masood Ahmad, Syed; Ait Brahim, Yassine; Baker, Andy; Bosomworth, Matthew; Breitenbach, Sebastian F M; Burstyn, Yuval; Columbu, Andrea; Deininger, Michael; Demény, Attila; Dixon, Bronwyn; Fohlmeister, Jens; Hatvani, István Gábor; Hu, Jingwen; Kaushal, Nikita; Kern, Zoltán; Labuhn, Inga; Lechleitner, Franziska A; Lorrey, Andrew; Martrat, Belén; Novello, Valdir Felipe; Oster, Jessica; Pérez-Mejías, Carlos; Scholz, Denis; Scroxton, Nick; Sinha, Nitesh; Ward, Brittany Marie; Warken, Sophie F; Zhang, Haiwei; SISAL working group members (2020): SISALv2: a comprehensive speleothem isotope database with multiple age–depth models. Earth System Science Data, 12(4), 2579-2606,
Tindall, J C; Valdes, P J; Sime, Louise C (2009): Stable water isotopes in HadCM3: Isotopic signature of El Niño–Southern Oscillation and the tropical amount effect. Journal of Geophysical Research, 114(D4),
Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), grant/award no. 01LP1919A: Paleo Modelling WP2.1
These files contain the output of three ensemble members ('xnapa', 'xnapb' and 'xnapc') extracted for cave locations within the SISAL v.2. database (, Comas-Bru et al. (2020)). We include output for sites that pass the resolution and dating screening, meaning that have at least 2 radiometric dates (or are lamina-counted) and provide ten oxygen isotope ratio measurements within the last millennium. See the README.txt files for more details.
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