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Hochmuth, Katharina; Paxman, Guy J G; Gohl, Karsten; Jamieson, Stewart S R; Leitchenkov, German L; Bentley, Michael J; Ferraccioli, Fausto; Sauermilch, Isabel; Whittaker, Joanne; Uenzelmann-Neben, Gabriele; Davy, Bryan; DeSantis, Laura (2020): Combined palaeotopography and palaeobathymetry of the Antarctic continent and the Southern Ocean since 34 Ma. PANGAEA,

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High-resolution palaeotopographic and -bathymetric models of the Southern Ocean and the Antarctic continent facilitate detailed investigation of past ice sheet and ocean circulation development from land to sea, which is essential for robust reconstructions of the paleoclimate, palaeocryosphere, and palaeoceanography.
These important boundary conditions have been newly reconstructed based on all available geophysical and geological data and merged together to form complete grids of the Southern Ocean and Antarctica. For detailed information on the reconstructions, please refer to Paxman et al. (2019) and Hochmuth et al. (2020) for the palaeotopography and the palaeobathymetry, respectively. For further information on the merging process, please see the attached readme document.
We present a compilation of the merged palaeotopography and palaeobathymetry for five key time slices in the Cenozoic development of the Antarctic continent and the Southern Ocean:
(i) Eocene/Oligocene Boundary (34 Ma), (ii) Oligocene/Miocene Transition (23 Ma), (iii) middle Miocene (14 Ma), (iv) early Pliocene (5 Ma), and (v) Pliocene/Pleistocene Boundary (2.6 Ma).
Note: The primary authors of the original publications, G. Paxman and K. Hochmuth are equally contributing joint first authors of this dataset compilation.
Antarctica; Eocene/Oligocene Boundary; Miocene; palaeobathymetry; palaeotopography; Pleistocene; Pliocene; Southern Ocean
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Hochmuth, Katharina; Gohl, Karsten; Leitchenkov, German L; Sauermilch, Isabel; Whittaker, Joanne; Uenzelmann-Neben, Gabriele; Davy, Bryan; de Santis, Laura (2020): The Evolving Paleobathymetry of the Circum‐Antarctic Southern Ocean Since 34 Ma: A Key to Understanding Past Cryosphere‐Ocean Developments. Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems, 21(8),
Paxman, Guy J G; Jamieson, Stewart S R; Hochmuth, Katharina; Gohl, Karsten; Bentley, Michael J; Leitchenkov, German L; Ferraccioli, Fausto (2019): Reconstructions of Antarctic topography since the Eocene–Oligocene boundary. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, 535, 109346,
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