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Scheidt, Stephanie; Hambach, Ulrich; Laag, Christian; Monnens, Florian (2020): Paleomagnetic and mineral magnetic data of the loess paleosol record Balta Alba Kurgan, Romania. PANGAEA,

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The site Balta Alba Kurgan (BAK) in Romania was studied in the frame of a multi-method dating approach, including optical stimulated luminescence, radiocarbon dating, magnetic stratigraphy and tephrochronology. Here, we present the results of the magnetic stratigraphy approach. Oriented samples obtained from the sub-sections BAK2 and BAK4 were combined to the BAK pmag composite profile by the use of variations of the magnetic susceptibility. In order to obtain age control, variations of the magnetic susceptibility and the relative paleointensity were correlated to independently dated reference records. The provided data set comprises the data of the oriented samples of the BAK pmag composite profile used for the correlations as well as the tie points used for calculation of the age models by linear interpolation. Due to a lack of reference data, the inclination and declination of the characteristic remanent magnetization was not used for paleomagnetic secular variation stratigraphy. However, for the use in future studies we provide these paleomagnetic directional data here.
Holocene-Pleistocene; Loess-paleosol-sequence (LPS); magnetic susceptibility; Mineral magnetic data; Paleomagnetic data; paleomagnetic secular variation stratigraphy; Quaternary; relative paleointensity (RPI); Romania
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Scheidt, Stephanie; Berg, Sonja; Hambach, Ulrich; Klasen, Nicole; Pötter, Stephan; Stolz, Alexander; Veres, Daniel; Zeeden, Christian; Brill, Dominik; Brückner, Helmut; Kusch, Stephanie; Laag, Christian; Lehmkuhl, Frank; Melles, Martin; Monnens, Florian; Oppermann, Lukas; Rethemeyer, Janet; Nett, Janina J (2021): Chronological Assessment of the Balta Alba Kurgan Loess-Paleosol Section (Romania) – A Comparative Study on Different Dating Methods for a Robust and Precise Age Model. Frontiers in Earth Science, 8, 598448,
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Scheidt, Stephanie: Additional metadata information from Scheidt et al., 2020. additional_information.txt
Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, Bonn (DFG), grant/award no. 57444011: SFB 806: Unser Weg nach Europa: Kultur-Umwelt Interaktion und menschliche Mobilität im Späten Quartär
Latitude: 45.277778 * Longitude: 27.290833
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