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Sawall, Yvonne; Feng, Ellias Yuming (2020): Temperature regimes and Coral response parameters of the artificial upwelling experiment. PANGAEA,

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In this study, we investigated the effect of simulated artificial upwelling with deep water off Bermuda collected at 50 m (24°C) and 100 m (20°C) on coral symbiont biology of 3 coral species (Montastraea cavernosa, Porites astreoides, and Pseudodiploria strigosa) in a temperature stress experiment. The following treatments were applied over a period of 3 weeks: (i) control at 28°C (ii) heat at 31°C, (iii) heat at 31°C deep water from 50 m depth, and (iv) heat at 31°C deep water from 100 m depth. Artificial upwelling was simulated over a period of 25 min on a daily basis resulting in a reduction of temperature for 2 h per day.
A total of 4 data sets are available: 2 data sets comprise the coral response parameters (i) zooxanthellae densities, chlorophyll-a concentration and (ii) net photosynthetic rates of each replicate, and the other 2 data sets include the temperature data measured throughout the experiment (iii) in all treatments and (iv) in the artificial upwelling treatment only.
artificial upwelling; Bermuda; Coral Bleaching; thermal stress; zooxanthellae response
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Sawall, Yvonne; Harris, Moronke; Lebrato, Mario; Wall, Marlene; Feng, Ellias Yuming (accepted): Discrete pulses of cooler deep water can decelerate coral bleaching during thermal stress: Implications for artificial upwelling during heat stress events. Frontiers in Marine Science,
Latitude: 31.830000 * Longitude: -64.160000
Date/Time Start: 2018-09-08T00:00:00 * Date/Time End: 2018-09-28T13:08:53
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