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Fowler, Keirnan; Acharya, Suwash Chandra; Addor, Nans; Chou, Chihchung; Peel, Murray (2020): CAMELS-AUS v1: Hydrometeorological time series and landscape attributes for 222 catchments in Australia. PANGAEA, (dataset in review)

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This is the Australian edition of the Catchment Attributes and Meteorology for Large-sample Studies (CAMELS) series of datasets. CAMELS-AUS comprises data for 222 unregulated catchments, combining hydrometeorological timeseries (streamflow and 18 climatic variables) with 134 attributes related to geology, soil, topography, land cover, anthropogenic influence, and hydroclimatology. The CAMELS-AUS catchments have been monitored for decades (more than 85% have streamflow records longer than 40 years) and are relatively free of large scale changes, such as significant changes in landuse. Rating curve uncertainty estimates are provided for most (75%) of the catchments and multiple atmospheric datasets are included, offering insights into forcing uncertainty. This dataset, the first of its kind in Australia, allows users globally to freely access catchment data drawn from Australia's unique hydroclimatology, particularly notable for its large interannual variability. Combined with arid catchment data from the CAMELS datasets for USA and Chile, CAMELS-AUS constitutes an unprecedented resource for the study of arid-zone hydrology.
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hydrological modelling; large sample hydrology; large scale hydrology
Latitude: -26.216000 * Longitude: 134.904000
australia * Latitude: -26.216000 * Longitude: 134.904000
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