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Winkler, Karina; Fuchs, Richard; Rounsevell, Mark D A; Herold, Martin (2020): HILDA+ Global Land Use Change between 1960 and 2019. PANGAEA,

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HILDA+ (HIstoric Land Dynamics Assessment+) is a global dataset on annual land use/cover change between 1960-2019 at 1 km spatial resolution. It is based on a data-driven reconstruction approach and integrates multiple open data streams (from high-resolution remote sensing, long-term land use reconstructions and statistics). It covers six generic land use/cover categories: 1: Urban areas, 2: Cropland, 3: Pasture/rangeland, 4: Forest, 5: Unmanaged grass/shrubland, 6: Sparse/no vegetation.
HILDA+ contains annual land use/cover states and transitions, which we provide in different versions/ZIP folders:
1) vGLOB-1.0_geotiff: land use/cover states and transition layers as single geotiffs from 1960 to 2019.
2) vGLOB-1.0-f_netcdf: land use/cover states and transition layers as two large netCDF files with extened time span from 1899 to 2019 (including forest class sub-division and dynamics).
3) hildap_vGLOB-1.0_change-layers: Additionally, HILDA+ change layers (change frequency; forest, cropland and pasture/rangeland change 1960-2019) are provided as geotiffs.
4) hildap_vGLOB-1.0_uncertainty: Uncertainty layers are provided as geotiffs in 3 ZIP folders (part1-3), containing annual datasets of uncertainty information: number of input datasets, deviation and average area fraction per land use/cover category.
Note that maps were reprojected from original equal-area World Eckert IV (EPSG:54012; 1 km) to WGS 84 (EPSG: 4326; 0.1 degree) by using nearest neighbour resampling.
global; Land cover; land use; land use change; remote sensing
Supplement to:
Winkler, Karina; Fuchs, Richard; Rounsevell, Mark D A; Herold, Martin (2021): Global land use changes are four times greater than previously estimated. Nature Communications, 12(2501),
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Change history:
2021-12-14T13:22:15 – Dataset update/correction: Resampling method for the reprojected map files (geotiffs and netcdf) was changed from majority to nearest neighbour method due to mismatches in land use transitions.
Curation Level: Basic curation (CurationLevelB)
14 data points


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HILDAplus_GLOBv-1.0-f_netcdf_documentation.pdfapplication/pdf623 kBytes
HILDAplus_GLOBv-1.0_geotiff_documentation.pdfapplication/pdf300.8 kBytes
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hildap_forest-change-preview.pngimage/png201.1 kBytes
hildap_pasture-change-preveiw.pngimage/png212.2 kBytes
hildap_vGLOB-1.0-f_netcdf.zipapplication/zip7.4 GBytes
hildap_vGLOB-1.0_change-layers.zipapplication/zip47.6 MBytes
hildap_vGLOB-1.0_geotiff.zipapplication/zip4.5 GBytes
hildap_vGLOB-1.0_geotiff_eckert4.zipapplication/zip4.6 GBytes
hildap_vGLOB-1.0_uncertainty_part1.zipapplication/zip12.7 GBytes
hildap_vGLOB-1.0_uncertainty_part2.zipapplication/zip13.2 GBytes
hildap_vGLOB-1.0_uncertainty_part3.zipapplication/zip8.4 GBytes