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Chen, Dong; Baer, Allison; He, Jiaying; Hoffman-Hall, Amanda; Shevade, Varada; Ying, Qing; Loboda, Tatiana V (2020): Land cover land use map for Myanmar at 30-m resolution for 2016. PANGAEA,

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This dataset is a 30-m land cover land use map for the country of Myanmar for 2016. It was generated by fusing the data layers that we produced using machine learning algorithms with the existing remotely sensed datasets. The map contains ten classes: Perennial water, Impervious surface, Villages, Croplands, Managed forests, Natural forests, Ephemeral water, Shrub and grass, Depressions and Bare surfaces. Version 3 is the most updated version.
Latitude: 21.000000 * Longitude: 95.000000
Myanmar * Latitude: 21.000000 * Longitude: 95.000000 * Location: Myanmar * Method/Device: Multiple investigations (MULT)
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