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Guy-Haim, Tamar (2020): Experiment on pH effects on coralline-epiphyte complex (Ellisolandia elongata). PANGAEA,

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This study tested the effects of non-calcifying epiphytic algae on corallines under different pH conditions including OA scenarios. This was done by measuring the metabolic response (in experiment #1) and the microenvironmental carbonate-chemistry conditions within the boundary layer (in experiment #2) of non-epiphytized and epiphytized specimens of the geniculate coralline Ellisolandia elongata.
calcification; climate change; coralline algae; diffusive boundary layer; epiphytism; microenvironment; Ocean acidification; refugia
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Guy-Haim, Tamar; Silverman, Jacob; Wahl, Martin; Aguirre, Julio; Noisette, Fanny; Rilov, Gil (2020): Epiphytes provide micro-scale refuge from ocean acidification. Marine Environmental Research, 161, 105093,
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