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Li, Qingxiang; Sun, Wenbin (2020): China global Merged Surface Temperature dataset. PANGAEA, (DOI registration in progress)

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A new global ST dataset, the China Merged Surface Temperature (CMST) dataset is developed recently. CMST is created by merging the China-Land Surface Air Temperature (C-LSAT) with the sea surface temperature (SST) data from the Extended Reconstructed Sea Surface Temperature version 5 (ERSSTv5). readme of the data files CMST The CMST(China Merged Surface Temperature) is produced by merging data from the C-LSAT land surface air temperature dataset and the ERSSTv5 sea-surface temperature dataset.
All values are stored as temperature anomalies in degrees celsius Missing data are set to the value -999.99 Grids are 5x5deg monthly reference_period = [1961 1990] Time:190001-201812(size:1416) Data Array (36x72) Item (1,1) stores the value for the 5-deg-area centred at 0° and 87.5°S Item (36,72) stores the value for the 5-deg-area centred at 360° and 87.5°N
CMST; Uncertainty
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Li, Qingxiang; Sun, Wenbin; Huang, Boyin; Dong, Wenjie; Wang, Xiaolan L; Zhai, Panmao; Jones, Phil (2020): Consistency of global warming trends strengthened since 1880s. Science Bulletin,
Li, Qingxiang; Yun, Xiang; et al. (in review): An updated evaluation on the global Mean Surface Temperature trends since the start of 20th century. Climate Dynamics
Original version:
Li, Qingxiang (2019): China Merged Surface Temperature. PANGAEA,
Latitude: 36.000000 * Longitude: 109.000000
China * Latitude: 36.000000 * Longitude: 109.000000
This is the updated version of CMST: In this version, the dataset has been extended to the period of 1854-2019, and the overall uncertainities has been evaluated by adding up the uncertainties of C-LSAT2.0 and ERSSTv5.
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