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Guan, Chi (2020): Parameters of antimicrofouler defence after different heat wave regimes in eelgrass Zostera marina. PANGAEA,

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Density of bacteria on Zostera marina, activity strength of Zostera marina surface extract against bacterial settlers and Rosmarinic acid concentration in Zostera marina leaf surface extracts, measured in May, July and August after three different heatwave regimes simulated in outdoor mesocosms at Kiel/Germany. To investigate the consequence of heatwaves on the chemical defense of eelgrass against microbial colonizers Z. marina plants were incubated in the Kiel Outdoor Benthocosm system under ambient control conditions and two different heatwave treatments: a treatment experiencing two spring heatwaves followed by a summer heatwave, and a treatment only experiencing just the summer heatwave. The capacity to deter microbial colonizers was found to be significantly up-regulated in Z. marina from both heatwave treatments in comparison to Z. marina under control conditions, suggesting defense regulation of Z. marina in response to marine heatwaves.
chemical defense; climate change; climate extremes; Fouling; heatwaves; plant-climate interactions; Zostera marina
Supplement to:
Guan, Chi; Saha, Mahasweta; Weinberger, Florian (2020): Simulated Heatwaves Lead to Upregulated Chemical Defense of a Marine Foundation Macrophyte Against Microbial Colonizers. Frontiers in Marine Science, 7,
#NameShort NameUnitPrincipal InvestigatorMethod/DeviceComment
1TreatmentTreatGuan, ChiHeat wave treatment in tank
2MonthMonthGuan, Chi
3BacteriaBactGuan, ChiFluorescence after DNA stainingDensity of epiphytic bacteria on Zostera leaves; log(RU), RU = Fluorescence of stained DNA in relative units
4Activity strengthAct strengthGuan, ChiFluorescence after DNA stainingof Zostera leaf surface extract against bacterial settlers; log(RU extract/RU control), RUextract = Fluorescence of stained DNA in bacteria settled on extract; RUcontrol = Fluorescence of stained DNA in bacteria settled on solvent control
5Rosmarinic acidC18H16O8µg/mlGuan, ChiHigh Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC)concentration in Zostera leaf surface extract
180 data points

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