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De Vleeschouwer, David (2020): Megasplice of benthic d13C records over the last 35 Ma. PANGAEA,

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We construct a 35 Myr-long d13Cbenthic megasplice, a record that consists of different high-resolution benthic isotope records 'spliced' together. In contrast to existing compilations that mix time-equivalent data across sites, the megasplice consists of data from a single site at any point in time, allowing analyses that require a high-resolution record at astronomical resolution.
benthic d13C
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De Vleeschouwer, David; Drury, Anna Joy; Vahlenkamp, Maximilian; Rochholz, Fiona; Liebrand, Diederik; Pälike, Heiko (2020): High-latitude biomes and rock weathering mediate climate–carbon cycle feedbacks on eccentricity timescales. Nature Communications, 11(1),
#NameShort NameUnitPrincipal InvestigatorMethod/DeviceComment
1AGEAgeka BPDe Vleeschouwer, DavidGeocode
2Foraminifera, benthic δ13CForam benth δ13C‰ PDBDe Vleeschouwer, DavidMegasplice bent d13C, with Basin correction
3EccentricityECCDe Vleeschouwer, DavidLa2004
4Longitude of the perihelionomega-tildedegDe Vleeschouwer, Davidomega-tilde measured from vernal point, from La2004
5Obliquity/tiltOBLdegDe Vleeschouwer, DavidLa2004
6e sin (omega-tilde)ESINWDe Vleeschouwer, Davidomega-tilde measured from vernal equinox
7e cos (omega-tilde)ECOSWDe Vleeschouwer, David
8Foraminifera, benthic δ13CForam benth δ13C‰ PDBDe Vleeschouwer, DavidOriginal bent d13C, without basin correction (per mil) VPDB
9δ13C, adjusted/correctedδ13C‰ PDBDe Vleeschouwer, DavidBasin Correction
99944 data points

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