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Ye, Ying (2020): Model output of organic binding of iron and biological productivity from REcoM2 with a pH/DOC parameterisation of organic complexation. PANGAEA,

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The global marine iron cycle has been modeled using REcoM2 (Regulated Ecosystem Model 2) coupled with the ocean circulation model MITgcm (MIT General Circulation Model). A general description of the model can be found in the supporting material for Hauck et al. 2013. In the simulations producing this data set, the organic complexation of iron was made dependent on seawater pH and concentration of dissolved organic matter. With this parameterization, the effect of pH change on the iron cycle and the biological feedback to the iron cycle have been examined through the pathway of ligand binding.
In this data set, model output of dissolved iron (DFe), dissolved organic carbon (DOC), stability constants of ligands, free Fe concentration and net primary production (NPP) are included. Four different simulations are considered: R_std (standard), R_constL (with constant 1 nM ligand concentration), R_progL (with one prognostic ligand) and R_ph (with future pH field).
biogeochemistry; iron; modelling
Supplement to:
Ye, Ying; Völker, Christoph; Gledhill, Martha (2020): Exploring the Iron‐Binding Potential of the Ocean Using a Combined pH and DOC Parameterization. Global Biogeochemical Cycles, 34(6),
Further details:
Hauck, Judith; Völker, Christoph; Wang, T; Hoppema, Mario; Losch, Martin; Wolf-Gladrow, Dieter A (2013): Seasonally different carbon flux changes in the Southern Ocean in response to the southern annular mode. Global Biogeochemical Cycles, 27, 1236-1245,
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