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Goerlich, Franz; Bolch, Tobias; Paul, Frank (2020): Inventory of surging glaciers in the Pamir. PANGAEA,

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A dataset with all surging glaciers detected between 1988 and 2018 based on Landsat TM, ETM+ and OLI images, AW3D30, SRTM and Corona DEMs, high resolution imagery from Corona, Hexagon, GoogleEarth and The basis for this dataset is the glacier inventory of Pamir and Karakoram (Mölg et al., 2018). Our dataset includes three shapefiles that contain the surging glaciers in their base extension (GI-3), their minimum extension (GI-3min) and their maximum extension (GI-3max). The GI-3min inventory contains also attributes to the distinct glacier surges (start year, end year, duration and additional information - all three attributes refer to the active phases of the glaciers). Due to the highest differentiation of glacier bodies for the minimum extent these attributes are missing in the other two shapefiles.
surging glaciers
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Goerlich, Franz; Bolch, Tobias; Paul, Frank (accepted): More dynamic than expected: An updated survey of surging glaciers in the Pamir. Earth System Science Data Discussions,
Latitude: 38.300000 * Longitude: 73.000000
Pamir * Latitude: 38.300000 * Longitude: 73.000000
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