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Just, Janna; IODP Expedition 361 Scientists (2020): Paleomagnetic data and rock magnetic data of IODP Site 361-U1475. PANGAEA,

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Detailed alternating field (AF) demagnetization of Natural Remanent Magnetization (NRM) were conducted on discrete samples of IODP Site U1475, complemented by Anhysteretic Remanent Magnetization acquisition measurements (ARM_acq) and subsequent demagnetization (ARM_demag). AF demagnetization data of NRM were analyzed using anchored Principal Component Analysis (PCA) to obtain the Characteristic Remanent Magnetization (ChRM).
Supplement to:
Just, Janna; IODP Expedition 361 Scientists (2020): Data report: evaluation of shipboard magnetostratigraphy by alternating field demagnetization of discrete samples, Expedition 361, Site U1475. In: Hall, I.; Hemming, S.R.; LeVay, L.J.; Expedition 361 Scientists (eds.), South African Climates (Agulhas LGM Density Profile), Proceedings of the International Ocean Discovery Program, 361, International Ocean Discovery Program,
Latitude: -41.427000 * Longitude: 25.261000
Date/Time Start: 2016-02-24T01:00:00 * Date/Time End: 2016-02-24T01:00:00
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