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Tuinenburg, Obbe A; Theeuwen, Jolanda J E; Staal, Arie (2020): Global evaporation to precipitation flows obtained with Lagrangian atmospheric moisture tracking. PANGAEA, (dataset in review)

We present a global dataset of atmospheric moisture flows from evaporation to precipitation on 0.5° spatial resolution. We simulated the moisture flows between each pair of cells across the land and oceans between 2008 and 2016 and publish their monthly climatological means. We used a Langrangian moisture tracking scheme forced with ERA5 reanalysis data of 25 atmospheric layers and hourly wind speeds and directions. The resulting dataset is a network that allows users to identify and quantify the sources of rainfall and sinks of evaporation for any area on Earth, from regional to global scales.
Atmospheric moisture recycling connections
Supplement to:
Tuinenburg, Obbe A; Theeuwen, Jolanda J E; Staal, Arie (in review): High-resolution global atmospheric moisture connections from evaporation to precipitation. Earth System Science Data Discussions,
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