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Duarte, Carlos Manuel; Devassy, R P; Predragovic, M; Valuzzi, L; Parry, A; Hughes, Terry P (2020): Data set on restoration projects of coastal marine habitats reported worldwide. PANGAEA,

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Data set on restoration projects of coastal marina habitats reported worldwide. The data set includes projects on mangroves, seagrass, saltmarshes, oyster reefs and tropical coral reefs, and include details on the location of the restoration project, the year the restoration project was established or reported, and the source of the information.
coral reefs; mangroves; oyster reefs; restoration; saltmarshes; Seagrass
Supplement to:
Duarte, Carlos Manuel; Agustí, Susana; Barbier, E; Britten, G L; Castilla, Juan Carlos; Gattuso, Jean-Pierre; Fulweiler, R W; Hughes, Terry P; Knowlton, N; Lovelock, Catherine E; Lotze, Heike K; Predragovic, M; Poloczanska, E; Roberts, C; Worm, B (2020): Rebuilding marine life. Nature, 580(7801), 39-51,
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