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Maus, Bastian; Gutsfeld, Sebastian; Bock, Christian (2019): Water oxygen saturation, infra-red plethysmograph readings and cardiac magnetic resonance imaging of Cancer pagurus subjected to acute severe hypoxia. PANGAEA,

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Edible crabs Cancer pagurus were subjected to acute severe hypoxia (15% air saturation). The cardiac responses were monitored with infra-red plethysmography (IR-PPG) and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI).
The oxygen partial pressure in the water was monitored using fibre-optic oxygen sensors. "PO2_record_IR-PPG_File_1" contains the recordings relevant for animals 1 (1st run), 3, and 4. "PO2_record_IR-PPG_File_2" contains the recordings for animals 1 (2nd run) and 2.
IR-PPG recordings yielded heart rates as peak frequency. Data were also evaluated for signal peak area (integral, relative to a 1-minute minimum) and the average cyclic height as proxies for stroke volume changes.
Cardiac MRI are from 4D (i.e. time-resolved 3D) stacks of images. The time series contains the entire contraction of one cardiac cycle. The volume stack covers the entire ventricle.
Cancer pagurus; CINE MRI; crustacean; heart; hypoxia; MRI; plethysmograph
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Maus, Bastian; Gutsfeld, Sebastian; Pörtner, Hans-Otto; Bock, Christian (2019): Non-invasive quantification of cardiac stroke volume in the edible crab Cancer pagurus. Frontiers in Zoology,
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