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Zhou, Xu; Gryschka, Micha (2019): Convection over sea ice leads: large eddy simulation data. PANGAEA,

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The data set consists of time-averaged large eddy simulation (LES) data of simulations of the convection over leads in the polar sea ice regions. The applied model is the Parallelized Large-Eddy Simulation Model (PALM) [Maronga et al. (2015), Raasch & Schröter (2001)]. All of the ten simulations represent a near lead-perpendicular inflow in the atmospheric boundary layer (ABL) over the leads, where the simulations differ in the lead width L, and where partly the flow over two consecutive leads has been simulated. All simulations represent idealized scenarios of a typical springtime ABL in the polar ocean regions. Hence, the data is not georeferenced and the outputs are given with respect to a Cartesian coordinate system.
For each simulation, two model output files are available. All files with “xz” refer to vertical cross-sections in lead-perpendicular direction, where the respective model variables are averaged in lead-parallel direction. All files with “xy” refer to values at the surface. All model outputs are averaged in time over a period of 3600 seconds and outputs are available for an output time interval of 900 seconds.
The simulations differ in lead width L, in the upstream ABL-averaged wind speed U (or here: ff), and in the surface temperature of sea ice Tice (or here: Surf temp). More details on the respective setup of the scenarios and a description of the applied model version of PALM are given in the corresponding publication (see section 2 and Table 1). More details on the LES variables are given in the PALM-documentation:
convection over sea ice leads; Large eddy simulation
Supplement to:
Michaelis, Janosch; Lüpkes, Christof; Zhou, Xu; Gryschka, Micha; Gryanik, V M (2020): Influence of Lead width on the Turbulent Flow Over Sea Ice Leads: Modeling and Parametrization. Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres, 125(15), e2019JD031996,
Related to:
Maronga, Björn; Gryschka, Micha; Heinze, Rieke; Hoffmann, Fabian; Kanani-Sühring, Farah; Keck, Marius; Ketelsen, K; Letzel, M O; Sühring, Matthias; Raasch, Siegfried (2015): The Parallelized Large-Eddy Simulation Model (PALM) version 4.0 for atmospheric and oceanic flows: model formulation, recent developments, and future perspectives. Geoscientific Model Development Discussions, 8(2), 1539-1637,
Raasch, Siegfried; Schröter, Michael (2001): PALM - A large-eddy simulation model performing on massively parallel computers. Meteorologische Zeitschrift, 10(5), 363-372,
#NameShort NameUnitPrincipal InvestigatorMethod/DeviceComment
1ScenarioScenarioZhou, Xu
2Lead widthLead widthmZhou, Xu
3Wind speedffm/sZhou, Xuupstream ABL-averaged
4Surface temperatureSurf tempKZhou, Xuof ice
5File formatFile formatZhou, Xu
6File nameFile nameZhou, Xuof xz cross sections
7File sizeFile sizekByteZhou, Xuof xz cross sections
8Uniform resource locator/link to fileURL fileZhou, Xuof xz cross sections
9File nameFile nameZhou, Xuof xy cross sections
10File sizeFile sizekByteZhou, Xuof xy cross sections
11Uniform resource locator/link to fileURL fileZhou, Xuof xy cross sections
110 data points

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