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Vermassen, Flor; Bjørk, Anders Anker; Sicre, Marie-Alexandrine; Jaeger, John; Wangner, David Johannes; Kjeldsen, Kristian Kjellerup; Siggaard-Andersen, Marie-Louise; Klein, Vincent; Mouginot, Jeremie P; Kjær, Kurt Henrik; Andresen, Camilla S (2019): Sea surface temperature reconstruction, ice-rafted debris measurements, and age model of core FOX12-02R. PANGAEA,, Supplement to: Vermassen, Flor; et al. (in review): A major collapse of Kangerlussuaq Glacier's ice tongue between 1932-1933.

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This dataset includes the SST reconstruction, ice-rafted debris measurements, and age model of core FOX12-02R.
In recent years, several large outlet glaciers in Greenland have lost their floating ice tongue, but little is known about their stability over longer time-scales. Here, we compile historical documents to demonstrate a major ice tongue collapse of Kangerlussuaq Glacier between 1932- 1933. This event resulted in nine kilometer retreat, which is more than during any of the glacier's recent major retreat events. Sediment cores from the fjord are used to reconstruct sea surface temperatures (SSTs) and to investigate a potential sedimentological trace of the collapse. Local SSTs increased during the 1920s, consistent with other regional air and ocean temperature records, suggesting a climatic trigger for the collapse. Fjord bathymetry played an important role too, as the (partially-) pinned ice tongue retreated off a submarine moraine during the event. This historical analogue of glacier tongue collapse emphasizes the fragility of remaining ice tongues in North Greenland within a warming climate.
age model; IRD; SST; UK'37
Latitude: 68.094630 * Longitude: -31.787740
FOX12-02R * Latitude: 68.094630 * Longitude: -31.787740 * Elevation: -725.0 m * Device: Sediment corer (SEDCO)
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