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Suari, Yair; Dadon-Pilosof, Ayelet; Sade, Tal; Amit, Tal; Gilboa, Merav; Gafny, Sarig; Topaz, Tom; Zedaka, Hadar; Boneh, Shira; Yahel, Gitai (2019): A long term physical and biogeochemical database of a hyper- eutrophicated Mediterranean micro-estuary. PANGAEA,

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Long-term, multi-parameter monitoring database that covers physical, chemical, and biological water properties at several stations along a Levantine micro-estuary and its neighboring coastal sea. The data are divided into two separate databases: Monthly surveys of water properties along the estuary and Bi-weekly surveys of water properties at two marine stations.
Coastal; eutrophication; Levantine; marine; micro-estuary
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Suari, Yair; Amit, Tal; Gilboa, Merav; Sade, Tal; Krom, Michael D; Gafny, Sarig; Topaz, Tom; Yahel, Gitai (2019): Sandbar Breaches Control of the Biogeochemistry of a Micro-Estuary. Frontiers in Marine Science, 6,
Suari, Yair; Shaish, L; Gafny, Sarig; Amit, Tal; Gilboa, Merav; Brokovitch, E; Yahel, Gitai (2017): Prolonged Oxygen stress at Alexander estuary are caused by nutrient loads and changes in sea stream connectivity. Ecology & Environment, 3, 44-52
Topaz, Tom; Egozi, Roey; Eshel, Gil; Chefetz, Benny (2018): Pesticide load dynamics during stormwater flow events in Mediterranean coastal streams: Alexander stream case study. Science of the Total Environment, 625, 168-177,
Median Latitude: 32.433964 * Median Longitude: 34.862684 * South-bound Latitude: 32.367000 * West-bound Longitude: 34.802890 * North-bound Latitude: 32.548775 * East-bound Longitude: 34.914208
Date/Time Start: 2014-01-14T08:30:00 * Date/Time End: 2019-10-17T10:50:00
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