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Horvat, Christopher; Flocco, Daniela; Rees Jones, David; Roach, Lettie; Golden, Kenneth (2019): Synthetically Generated Ponded Sea Ice Fields and Sub-Ice Light Fields. PANGAEA, (DOI registration in progress), Supplement to: Horvat, Christopher; Flocco, Daniela; Rees Jones, D W; Roach, Lettie; Golden, Kenneth (2020): The Effect of Melt Pond Geometry on the Distribution of Solar Energy Under First‐Year Sea Ice. Geophysical Research Letters, 47(4),

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Contains a .mat file with 5,000 synthetically generated pond surfaces (field Pond_Surface), each 100x100 grid points at a horizontal resolution of 5 meters. It also contains the statistics of their light field (fields I_ic,I_mp,I_net) and pond distribution dimension (field PDD) as described in Horvat et al (2019) - The effect of melt pond geometry on the distribution of solar energy under first-year sea ice.
melt pond; under ice light
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