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Smith, Emma Clare; Kuhn, Gerhard; Gaedicke, Christoph; Drews, Reinhard; Ehlers, Todd A; Franke, Dieter; Hofstede, Coen Matthijs; Lambrecht, Astrid; Läufer, Andreas; Mayer, Christoph; Tiedemann, Ralf; Eisen, Olaf (2019): Sea floor bathymetry under Ekström Ice Shelf, Antarctica, from a compilation of seismic vibroseis data [dataset]. PANGAEA,

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A gridded bathymetry of the sea floor under Ekström Ice Shelf, Antarctica. The seismic data used to map the bathymetry were collected between 2010 and 2018, using two different seismic vibroseis sources. The same snow streamer was used for all data acquisition - a 1500 m long, 60 channel snow streamer, with 25 m group spacing. Each group contains eight gimballed P-wave SM-4, 14 Hz geo-phones. For each seismic profile, the reflection time of the sea floor horizon was identified. The data across all profiles was gridded and depth converted, using an ice velocity of 3601 m/s a sea-water velocity of 1451 m/s.
Bathymetry; Ekström; Ice shelf; seismic reflection; vibroseis
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Latitude: -70.677780 * Longitude: -8.271670
Ekstrom_Ice_Shelf * Latitude: -70.677780 * Longitude: -8.271670 * Location: Ekström Ice Shelf * Method/Device: Multiple investigations (MULT)
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