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Antico, Andrés; Mendizabal, Sophie; Ferreira, Lorena J; Aguiar, Ricardo O; Amsler, Mario L (2019): Improved Paraná River hydrometric data from 1875 to 1883. PANGAEA,, Supplement to: Antico, A et al. (2020): Addendum to “Hydrometric Data Rescue in the Paraná River Basin” by Andrés Antico, Ricardo O. Aguiar, and Mario L. Amsler. Water Resources Research,

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Paraná River hydrometric data from 1875 to 1883 were previously published in the Pangaea database ( Recently, we obtained similar but more accurate data, which are briefly described below (see details in Antico et al. 2020).
We imaged and digitized typewritten data of daily Paraná water levels observed at Rosario City, Argentina, from January 1875 to December 1883. Since these data were published by the Argentinian government, they are referred here as “official” data. Quality checks were applied to the official water levels in order to flag suspicious values. A corrected version of the official level data was obtained by correcting errors caused by a gauge sinking. A rating curve was used to convert official and corrected levels into official and corrected discharges, respectively. Water level and discharge data are available here as daily values and monthly means. To obtain monthly means, we used only the daily values that passed all the quality checks.
Data rescue; Paraná River; River discharges; Rosario City; South America; Water levels
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Antico, Andrés; Aguiar, Ricardo O; Amsler, Mario L (2017): Paraná River hydrometric data from Rosario City, Argentina: 1875 to 2017. PANGAEA,
Latitude: -32.933630 * Longitude: -60.643550
Date/Time Start: 1875-01-01T00:00:00 * Date/Time End: 1883-12-31T00:00:00
Paraná_River_Rosario * Latitude: -32.933630 * Longitude: -60.643550 * Location: Rosario City, Argentina, South America * Method/Device: Hydrographic station (HYD)
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