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Gowan, Evan J (2019): Global ice sheet reconstruction for the past 80000 years. PANGAEA,, Supplement to: Gowan, Evan J; Zhang, Xu; Khosravi, Sara; Rovere, Alessio; Stocchi, Paolo; Hughes, Anna L C; Gyllencreutz, Richard; Mangerud, Jan; Svendsen, John-Inge; Lohmann, Gerrit (2021): A new global ice sheet reconstruction for the past 80 000 years. Nature Communications, 12, 1199,

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This dataset includes paleo-topography reconstructions for the past 80000 years, at 2500 year time steps. These datasets include ice thickness calculated using the program ICESHEET, calculated sea level change from SELEN, ice sheet margin reconstructions and paleo-topography. NetCDF files of the ice thickness, deformation and sea level change, and paleo-topgraphy are included at 1 and 0.25 degree grids, and scripts are included that can be used to calculate paleo-topography at any resolution.
ice sheets; paleo-topography; sea level change
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