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Rogerson, Mike; Dublyansky, Yuri; Hoffmann, Dirk L; Luetscher, Marc; Töchterle, Paul; Spötl, Christoph (2019): Fluid inclusion oxygen and hydrogen stable isotopes in a speleothem from Susah Cave, Libya. PANGAEA,, Supplement to: Rogerson, Mike; Dublyansky, Yuri; Hoffmann, Dirk L; Luetscher, Marc; Spötl, Christoph; Töchterle, Paul (2018): Enhanced Mediterranean water cycle explains increased humidity during MIS 3 in North Africa. Climate of the Past, 1-31,

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Fluid inclusion isotopes for a speleothem from Libya
fluid inclusion; isotope; speleothem
Latitude: 32.890320 * Longitude: 21.874750
Minimum Elevation: 200.0 m * Maximum Elevation: 200.0 m
SC-06-01 (Susah Cave) * Latitude: 32.890320 * Longitude: 21.874750 * Elevation: 200.0 m * Method/Device: Speleothem sample (SPS) * Comment: 93-cm long stalagmite from Susah Cave
#NameShort NameUnitPrincipal InvestigatorMethod/DeviceComment
1Sample IDSample IDRogerson, Mike
2Original valueOrig valRogerson, MikeAge, years before time of chemistry (2010)
3AGEAgeka BPRogerson, MikeGeocode – Calculated from Original value as Age=(Original value - (2010-1950))/1000
4Sample massSamp mgRogerson, Mike
5Speleothem, water contentSpeleothem water contµl/gRogerson, Mike
6VolumeVµlRogerson, MikeWater sampled
7δ18O, waterδ18O H2O‰ SMOWRogerson, Mike
8δ Deuterium, waterδD H2O‰ SMOWRogerson, Mike
343 data points

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