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Noce, Sergio; Caporaso, Luca; Santini, Monia (2019): CMCC-BioClimInd. A new globaldataset of bioclimatic indicators. Fondazione Centro Euromediterraneo sui Cambiamenti Climatici, PANGAEA,

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CMCC-BioClimInd is a new global gridded dataset of bioclimatic indicators at 0.5° by 0.5 °resolution for historical and future conditions. The dataset provides a set of 35 bioclimatic indices, expressed as mean values over each time interval, derived from post-processing both climate reanalysis for historical period (1960-1999) and an ensemble of 11 bias corrected CMIP5 simulations under two emission scenarios for future climate projections alongtwo periods (2040-2079 and 2060-2099). This new dataset complements the availability of spatialized bioclimatic information, crucial aspect in many ecological and environmental wide scale applications and for several disciplines, including forestry, biodiversity conservation, plant and landscape ecology. The data of individual indices are publicly available for download in the commonly used Network Common Data Form 4 (NetCDF4) format.
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