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Kaplan, Jed O; Lau, Hong-Kiu (2019): The WGLC global gridded monthly lightning stroke density and climatology. PANGAEA,

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This dataset contains global lightning stroke density calculated from georeferenced stroke count data from the World Wide Lightning Location Network (WWLLN). The real-time raw stroke count data were reprocessed by WWLLN to remove artifacts and improve geolocation, which resulted in the "AE" georeferenced and timestamped stroke count data. These data were then gridded at 0.5 degree and hourly resolution, converted into density, and corrected for detection efficiency using the WWLLN global gridded detection efficiency maps. The corrected hourly grids were then aggregated into monthly totals and into a multi-year monthly mean climatology. The data cover the period 2010-2018 and will be updated in the coming years.
The data are stored in a NetCDF (version 4) files and have the following attributes:
- Spatial extent: Entire Earth
- Spatial reference system (SRS): Unprojected (geographic, WGS84)
- Spatial resolution: 30 arc-minutes (720 rows by 360 columns)
- Temporal extent: 2010-2018
- Temporal resolution: One month (108 time steps for the monthly data; 12 for the climatology)
- Variable: lightning: frequency of lightning flashes per unit area
- Units: strokes per km2
atmospheric energy; fire ignitions; global climate; NOx sources; WWLLN
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