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Albers, Elmar; Bach, Wolfgang; Klein, Frieder; Menzies, C D; Lucassen, Friedrich; Teagle, Damon A H (2019): Major and trace element geochemistry of carbonates from IODP Exp366. PANGAEA,, In supplement to: Albers, E et al. (2019): Fluid–rock interactions in the shallow Mariana forearc: carbon cycling and redox conditions. Solid Earth, 10(3), 907-930,

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Carbon cycling; IODP Exp. 366; Mariana forearc; Redox conditions; Serpentinite mud volcanism; Serpentinization
Median Latitude: 16.629102 * Median Longitude: 147.155149 * South-bound Latitude: 15.709317 * West-bound Longitude: 147.099835 * North-bound Latitude: 18.110342 * East-bound Longitude: 147.221070
Minimum Elevation: -4492.5 m * Maximum Elevation: -1240.2 m
366-U1491B * Latitude: 15.785293 * Longitude: 147.141513 * Elevation: -4492.5 m * Penetration: 19.4 m * Recovery: 18.98 m * Campaign: Exp366 * Basis: Joides Resolution * Method/Device: Core drilling (CDRILL)
366-U1492B * Latitude: 15.710360 * Longitude: 147.176685 * Elevation: -3669.1 m * Penetration: 51.4 m * Recovery: 52.03 m * Campaign: Exp366 * Basis: Joides Resolution * Method/Device: Core drilling (CDRILL)
366-U1492C * Latitude: 15.709317 * Longitude: 147.176668 * Elevation: -3666.5 m * Penetration: 139.1 m * Recovery: 71.35 m * Campaign: Exp366 * Basis: Joides Resolution * Method/Device: Core drilling (CDRILL)
#NameShort NameUnitPrincipal InvestigatorMethod/DeviceComment
1Event labelEventAlbers, Elmar
2Sample code/labelSample labelAlbers, Elmar
3LocationLocationAlbers, Elmar
4CommentCommentAlbers, Elmar
5TypeTypeAlbers, Elmar
6SiliconSimg/kgAlbers, Elmar
7AluminiumAlmg/kgAlbers, Elmar
8MagnesiumMgmg/kgAlbers, Elmar
9IronFemg/kgAlbers, Elmar
10ManganeseMnmg/kgAlbers, Elmar
11BoronBmg/kgAlbers, Elmar
12RubidiumRbmg/kgAlbers, Elmar
13StrontiumSrmg/kgAlbers, Elmar
14YttriumYmg/kgAlbers, Elmar
15CaesiumCsmg/kgAlbers, Elmar
16BariumBamg/kgAlbers, Elmar
17LanthanumLamg/kgAlbers, Elmar
18CeriumCemg/kgAlbers, Elmar
19PraseodymiumPrmg/kgAlbers, Elmar
20NeodymiumNdmg/kgAlbers, Elmar
21SamariumSmmg/kgAlbers, Elmar
22EuropiumEumg/kgAlbers, Elmar
23GadoliniumGdmg/kgAlbers, Elmar
24TerbiumTbmg/kgAlbers, Elmar
25DysprosiumDymg/kgAlbers, Elmar
26HolmiumHomg/kgAlbers, Elmar
27ErbiumErmg/kgAlbers, Elmar
28ThuliumTmmg/kgAlbers, Elmar
29YtterbiumYbmg/kgAlbers, Elmar
30LutetiumLumg/kgAlbers, Elmar
1356 data points

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