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Loisel, Julie (2019): "MGK" database of peat inception (basal 14C ages) across the northern peatland domain. PANGAEA,, Supplement to: Loisel, Julie; van Bellen, Simon; Pelletier, Luc; Talbot, Julie; Hugelius, Gustaf; Karran, Daniel; Yu, Zicheng; Nichols, Jonathan; Holmquist, James R (2017): Insights and issues with estimating northern peatland carbon stocks and fluxes since the Last Glacial Maximum. Earth-Science Reviews, 165, 59-80,

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This database was presented by Loisel et al. (2017, ESR) to reconstruct the change in peatland area since the last deglacial warming across the northern latitudes. It is composed of 3 previously published databases: MacDonald et al. 2006 ("M"), Gorham et al. 2007 ("G"), and Korhola et al. 2010 ("K"), this the name "MGK". The basal dates are also presented within their respective grid cells, which can be used to reconstruct their spread of time.
Related to:
Gorham, Eville; Lehman, Clarence; Dyke, Arthur; Janssens, Joannes; Dyke, Lawrence (2007): Temporal and spatial aspects of peatland initiation following deglaciation in North America. Quaternary Science Reviews, 26(3-4), 300-311,
Korhola, Atte; Ruppel, Meri; Seppä, Heikki; Väliranta, Minna; Virtanen, Tarmo A; Weckström, Jan (2010): The importance of northern peatland expansion to the late-Holocene rise of atmospheric methane. Quaternary Science Reviews, 29(5-6), 611-617,
MacDonald, Glen M; Beilman, David W; Kremenetski, Constantin V; Sheng, Yongwei; Smith, Laurence C; Velichko, Andrei A (2006): Rapid early development of circumarctic peatlands and atmospheric CH4 and CO2 variations. Science, 314(5797), 285-288,
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