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Volvenko, Igor V; Orlov, Alexei M; Gebruk, Andrey V; Katugin, Oleg N; Ogorodnikova, Alla A; Vinogradov, Georgy M; Maznikova, Olga A (2019): Checklist of the trawl macrofauna from the North Pacific and adjacent seas with information about fishery importance, potential product yield, and price range. PANGAEA,, Supplement to: Volvenko, IV et al. (in prep.): Trawl macrofauna of the Far-Eastern Seas and North Pacific: proportion of commercial species, potential product yield, and price rang. Earth System Science Data,

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A checklist of 1541 animal species from the Chukchi, Bering, Okhotsk, and Japan seas and the North Pacific Ocean was generated from 459 research vessel surveys (68903 trawl tows) from 1977-2014 at depths from 5 to 2200 m. The study area spanned over 25 million km2. For each species, the scientific name is given, as well as English and Russian common names along with the following details: areas where species were collected, trawl type (benthic/midwater), real or potential commercial importance, possible product yield and minimum wholesale prices. The checklist can be used for development of bioresource management, aquaculture and conservation, assessment of environmental damage caused by anthropogenic impact (hydro-technical constructions, oil/gas extractions, nuclear reactor accidents, etc.).
Commercial importance; comparison of marine basins; North Pacific and East Arctic; product yield and prices; species checklist; trawl catches
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