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Minderhoud, Philip; Coumou, Laura; Erkens, Gilles; Middelkoop, Hans; Stouthamer, Esther (2019): Digital elevation model of the Vietnamese Mekong delta based on elevation points from a national topographical map. PANGAEA,, Supplement to: Minderhoud, P et al. (2019): Mekong delta much lower than previously assumed in sea-level rise impact assessments. Nature Communications, 10(1), 3847,

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This Digital Elevation Model (DEM) of the Vietnamese part of the Mekong delta was interpolated using almost 20.000 elevation points derived from a national topographical map of 2014 (scale 1:200,000). The elevation data is vertically referenced to the Vietnam's geodetic Hon Dau datum, which has its elevation origin at mean sea level (MSL) of the Hon Dau tide gauge. The DEM was interpolated from the topographical elevation points using empirical Bayesian kriging employing empirical data transformation and an exponential model. Elevation points with elevations higher than +10m, located on elevated bedrock outcrops were excluded from the interpolation. Rivers and bedrock outcrops were clipped from the final DEM. For more details on the elevation data, the interpolation procedure and data processing steps, see the corresponding paper and supplementary information.
File name: Topo_DEM_Mekong_delta_excl_rivers_and_bedrock.asc
File format: ASCI file
Spatial reference: WGS_1984_UTM_Zone_48N
Vertical reference datum: Hon Dau datum (Vietnamese)
Grid cell size: 500 x 500 m
DEM; elevation model; Mekong delta; topographical map
Latitude: 10.300000 * Longitude: 105.800000
Mekong_delta * Latitude: 10.300000 * Longitude: 105.800000 * Location: Vietnam
635.4 kBytes

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