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Maus, Bastian; Pörtner, Hans-Otto; Bock, Christian (2019): In vivo magnetic resonance images and cardiovascular performance of Cancer pagurus at 9.4 T. PANGAEA,, Supplement to: Maus, B et al. (2019): Studying the cardiovascular system of a marine crustacean with magnetic resonance imaging at 9.4 T. Magnetic Resonance Materials in Physics, Biology and Medicine,

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MRI of living edible crabs Cancer pagurus submerged in seawater were recorded at 9.4 T. The dataset contains the DICOM files for the respective figures. Anatomical images of the heart were recorded using gradient-echo sequences (FLASH). The structure of the cardiovascular system in vivo was investigated using time-of-flight angiography scans. Haemlymph flow in various vessels was quantified over time with phase-contrast angiography. Self-gated IntraGate CINE MRI could reveal the extent of the heart contraction.
FLOWMAP measurements of haemolymph velocity in left and right gills are given, averaging three flow velocities for either side at a specific point in time.
Signal and noise values were recorded from anatomical MRI. These values were used to calculate the signal-to-noise ratio for different radiofrequency hardware setups: Images were recorded with either the volume resonator in transmit-receive mode or using the volume resonator for signal excitation and a receive-only surface coil (SUC) for signal reception.
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